Red Wings

Ha. I’ve described myself as someone who gets kicked in the nuts twice a year due to being a Leafs & Lions fan……maybe not this year???

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It was odd when I got in the car this afternoon and listened to the Wings game. Forgot they were abroad.

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I totally disagree with that. Yzerman has drafted well and this team has made a drastic improvement under him so far. He’s not Troy Weaver

The disappointing thing to me is that Yzerman hasn’t been able to find any productive players after the early 2nd round.

He had several picks hit in Tampa that were not 1st rounders…
and nothing so far with the Wings.

This is a complete fabrication. Go back and look at his draft classes since he has been here.

We must also consider the fact that Yzerman has been getting screwed by the draft lottery. Same as the Pistons this year. Worst record in the league and picking 4th….fortunately Lucas Raymond is actually a pretty good player

I hate the lottery!!!

That said… the lottery hasn’t cost the Red Wings anything substantial. It may have helped some opponents in bug markets (Devils, Rangers, Blackhawks always seem to benefit :thinking:)…

but the Wings haven’t really missed out on top players.

I like what Yzerman did this offseason… brought in some quality players on reasonable deals… but he wouldn’t have needed to sign as many players if some of the draft picks were more developed.

That doesn’t help the long term when a team needs to sign free agents instead of promoting young guys on cheap contracts.

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The Cossa pick has been an abject disaster.

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But they missed out on LaFraniere(sp)

Cossa was only drafted 2 years ago…
and he played well in the ECHL.

He is only 20 years old.

It seems a bit premature to make a conclusion on him at this point.

The NHL isn’t the NFL or NBA. Draft picks generally take a while to make it to the NHL (if they even make it at all), kind of like the MLB. My issue with the Wings has always been that they block the young guys from moving up because there are shitty veterans in place.

There’s no reason the team should be putting Jeff Petry on the ice when they have Simon Edvinsson.

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Raymond has more points…. nearly as many goals…

in about 60 less games.

I think it is smart to keep Edvinsson in GR for now.
He was clearly not ready for the NHL last year.
Let him get premium minutes and build confidence…
plus he needs to add some muscle as well.

ECHL is not a good league. He has really struggled with every opportunity in the AHL.

The biggest issue is not taking the consensus #1 goalie in Jesper Wallstedt who is thriving in the AHL and looks like a future stud. Stevie got too cute by half.

There is a reason few goalies go in round 1. If you are going against that, dont do it for the 2nd best prospect.

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It’s waaaayyyy too early to make any kind of judgement on both of those players. Cossa can’t even buy beer :beer: yet.
Players that are 6’6” tall don’t reach physical maturity at that age.

Wallstedt is a little shorter… and Cossa has serious upside.

I’m still hopeful we got the right guy.

I hope you are right, but at this point Wallstedt has been stellar at every point since being drafted. From the Swedish Elite League to world juniors to the AHL. Cossa regressed in the WHL the year after being drafted, got benched in world juniors and then had to go to the ECHL because he wasn’t good enough for the AHL. Now he is struggling in the AHL. The trends are not good.

Keep checking in on Wings and they keep winning! Been catching the highlights of most games on youtube. They are playing fast. Love it

The world seems more normal when the Wings are winning


Kane plays his 1st game tonight


I’ve been pretty jacked about this. Lets ask our resident pro @Adrian his thoughts.

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Showtime! Let’s see if Kane has something left in the tank. Could be a big lift for the Wings or may not move the needle all that much.