Refs trying hard to hand the Packers a win

The colts have been called for holding 9 times already and none were obvious holds.

I’ve only seen one call go the Colts way.

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Thinking the same thing and now they call the forward pass a fumble…smh

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Yeah that was obviously a pass.

Cowboys beat the Vikes.

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I was just saying that. Colts have a great oline and yet are holding left and right. I hate the nfl it’s rigged.


But that’s just it. None of those holds were anything I’d call holding. Yet GB’s OL gets to mug their opponents.

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Some were holds, but there’s holding almost every play. Bet there are none called on the Pack.

I’ve never seen anything quite like that.

Yeah there was far more Obvious holding by GB on the incomplete Pass where Rogers was back into his end zone. They call that and it’s a safety and game over. Surprisingly no call.


It’s rigged buddy I agree.

On a different note, that throw to Valdes-Scantling.

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When the colts had the ball it was a flag fest. GB gets the ball and zero flags.

GB ties the game. Wanna bet on the colts next drive is a flag fest again. That is if they even get a chance now that’s it’s going into OT.

GB wins the toss of course.

Ohhh it’s Hochuli as the ref. It’s amazing to me at how many GB games are reffed by Hochuli a known fan of GB.

It’s a fucking joke. Thank you for creating this thread. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean nothing like it. Was insane.

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Like father like son.

Yeah pretty insane to see 9 holding calls on one team. Especially non obvious ones. Then none for the other team. When one holding call would have sealed GB’s fate in that last drive.

Ohh GB fumbles and colts recover.

Time for the refs to step back in.

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Ooh, even the zebras might not be able to save the day now.

Did you see the block in the back by GB on that fumble too. It’s was blatantly obvious. Yet no call.


To be honest I’m shocked to see no holding calls after that fumble. It’s like even the refs gave up.