Remember 8 weeks ago when Cleveland

Was a Super Bowl contender because they got Odell?

Looks like a short dynasty

They should have a toilet bowl and the Lions and Browns can play for the golden turd trophy.


I always call them “The Lions of the AFC”


I think Mayfield isnt as good as what people thought he was.


If comparing yourself to the 2nd worse franchise in sports history makes you feel better, then by all means…


They have the talent, they lack the coaching though…and sometimes the talent doesn’t always mesh.

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I am comparing the Browns to the the Pre-Season hype of the Browns…much of it by people here as well as in the media

Nothing more.

I warned people about Cleveland, particularly after they completely screwed up their coaching hire. “I would rather be Cleveland!” Yeah, okay buddy. LOL


Yea, there were a lot of people here saying how Cleveland was gonna show us how its done, win their Division, make a deep playoff run…pre-season based on some splash signings like Odell

So for the it takes time crowd, sound Cleveland keep Freddie around after this season?

Still want to see the Lions vs. Browns in the SB. Maybe next year! :joy: