Remember that trade up we made last year in the 3rd?

It ended up being:

Pick 85 (Julian Blackmon)
Pick 149 (Danny Pinter)
Pick 182 (Mike Onwenu)*

*Traded to Patriots

Pick 75 (Jonah Jackson)
Pick 197 (John Penisini)

I think we’d have been better if we’d have stayed, but no one knew what Onwenu would become.

He was talked about pretty hard on the board. Being a Detroit native and playing at UofM brought him a lot of attention.

NE also has some great OL coaching. I thought we would see more decline after Dante Scarnecchia left after the combine last year. But rumor has it he helped out in Zoom calls and teaching via Zoom.

I was a big fan of Jonah Jackson so I am happy we traded up. However I’d have taken Jonah instead of Okwara at 75OA.


Jonah started all season and was decent. Mr. Penis showed some flashes as a rook. Quinn made some awful picks, but he did have a few decent ones as well.

Drafting Ragnow was another good selection despite him getting ripped for taking a center too high.

He never got ripped Ragnow could have been all pro at LOG had they left him there. I am not a Quinn fan but will not ignore his good picks an he made a great pick with Ragnow.

Some just think they know better an when they are wrong they like to twist to avoid looking bad. He is all pro Center an would have been as a LOG . Your allowed to admit when your wrong.

When you get a quality player like Ragnow it doesn’t matter where he is picked you got a top tier player. Center or QB when it works out admit it an move on.

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Unfortunately, the whiffs were high picks. Hard to overcome that. Even with his hitting 3rd or later ones, you need those top guys to play and make differences. In a good way.

I agree he missed on some second an third rd picks his Rd ones are not bad , maybe not what posters wanted but still not bad.

He did screw up bad a couple years 2017 first 2 picks really bad Davis an Tabor bad he hit on rd 3 with KG
then 2019 he went back to ??? who picks Tavai , Harris seems like the odd years he went off script good thing he is gone in 2021 The draft from last year can’t be judged yet that CB will be what everyone thought he would be . I think last years draft was very good.

Everyone can play the should have game an when u look at other teams they have a lot of misses as well. But when you lose like Lions the misses look bigger an they should.