Remember when Denmates wanted Kellen Winslow Jr.?

Yikes. :face_vomiting:

Lol yes! “Im a fucking soldier!” Is what i believe he yelled at that reporter was another highlight of his career.


That guy has been a pile of shit, waste of oxygen likely since he was born, certainly since he was in high school. Can we just feed him to the gators and be done with all the trash he brings into this world and pain into other’s lives ?


Here here, @Weaselpuppy … well said.

Himalayan Pink Salt!


As disappointing as Roy Williams was, at least we took him instead of Winslow. What a dumpster fire of a person.

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We need a thread for an all “douchebag” team.


At QB, Jay Baby Cutler.



What a douche… and a weenie.

Using hi draft picks on players with character concerns, what could go wrong? …Mike Williams


What a piece of work

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This has legs, I like it. Winslow & Cutler is a nice start. But add a Hernandez, R. Rogers, Pacman Jones, OJ, Carruth, G. Hardy, Darren Sharper, Titus, AP. I’d put Johnny Football & Leaf ahead of Cutler. Goodell has earned his spot as commish here, as has coach Cocaine Wayne.


Ray Rice, K Hunt, J Dwyer.
Leaf has to be the starter on the all douchebag team…but Cutler and maybe Jeff George backing up.

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I think I’m gonna be able to get my submission for coach of the all douchebag team some votes with this old story about him from his Miami days.

After a long day of practice in 2005, a player was on the ground convulsing only to have his head coach allegedly step over him and continue walking.

Heath Evans, a former fullback and current NFL Network analyst, recounts the scene in a recent interview with Miami’s 790 The Ticket:

Well, the first day of two-a-days. We had about a three-hour-plus practice in the morning in that south Florida sun. You guys know what it’s like down there in late July, early August. And then that night we had another practice under the lights, if I recall I think it was about from 6 to 9.

Jeno James, our best offensive lineman at the time, comes in and collapses after practice, uh, vomiting all kinds of stuff that would make a billygoat puke, eyes rolled in the back of his head. Myself, about four other lineman are trying to carry him from the locker room, to the training room.

Obviously it’s a moment of panic, everyone, you know, we don’t know if this guy’s, you know, gonna die, I mean, the whole deal. But he’s so big and sweaty and heavy that we actually have to set him down in the hallway between the locker room and the training room.

Nick Saban literally just starts walking in, steps over Jeno James convulsing, doesn’t say a word, doesn’t try to help, goes upstairs, I don’t know what he does. But then obviously they get Jeno trauma-offed to the hospital."


What a prick. Not the kinda guy i would want to work/play for.

I vote for Saban as Douchebag HC!

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Never heard that story. Saban wins (loses).

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Toss in Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson as co-owners.

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