Report: Giants open to trading a 2022 first-round pick for one in 2023

What would you give if you were the Lions to get 5 and/or 7?

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I wouldn’t make a trade. I would hold onto both firsts next year incase we need to use them to trade up for a qb next year.

Interesting thinking by the Giants though.


Im also not as high on this years class compared to last years. Last year I felt we could do no wrong at #7. I figured we would get someone like Sewell, Chase, Parsons, Waddle or Smith. This year I feel like there will be some land mines.

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I would really think about 2 plus the Rams pick next year for 5 & 7. You shouldn’t be afraid to make a deal to improve your team today out of fear you may have to do something in the future.

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Maybe 32 or 34 and the Rams 1st next year for one of them

Say we can get 5 for 32 and next year’s Rams 1st

That’s 2 top 5 players this draft and we still have a first next year

Then we won’t have to reach for an OT…

I can understand why the Giants would love that. Like the Lions, they may want to move up next year to pick from the greatest crop of college QBs ever…until 2024.

I would do that in a second….

However… my guess is they are more open to taking #9 and a 2023 pick off the Seachicks in exchange for the 5th pick…. so a QB can be grabbed ahead of Carolina.

Maybe a trade with Steelers might be an option…. but I think the point is that they are looking to acquire extra picks.

I read it as they’re trying to spread out the picks to help with cap relief.

Hmm… I read it that they want to stock up on picks for 2023 to replace Daniel Jones.

Another is that the team will be in the quarterback market if Daniel Jones‘ 2022 season resembles his first three pro outings and two first-round picks for the 2023 offseason would help their ability to make moves on that front.

The #8 pick last year… Jaycee Horn… had only a $3.8 million cap number in 2021.
It isn’t about the money IMO.

I would do this immediately. Speed up the rebuild if there are a few guys they love, but don’t want to take a #2. I hope you speak this into existence.

It’s literally the paragraph before the one you quoted.

One reason cited for that desire is financial. The team remains short on cap space and dealing away a first-round pick would lessen the cap hit the incoming draft class will bring to the team and possibly allow them to hold onto cornerback James Bradberry

Yep… I read that…. and don’t believe a word of it.
The # 5 & #7 picks last year had a combined $10 million cap hit in 2021.

No NFL team is giving up a draft pick in the current draft because of financial issues.
They could easily restructure a few players if needed, and Bradberry will either be traded, cut, or take pay cut.

They surely aren’t going to come out and say… “we need picks for next year because our QB sucks and he is getting 1 last chance to prove us wrong”.

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So this is essentially Willis/Thibs and what is likely a OG or LB next year for Hamilton and Walker, or mix in a WR there.

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This article, if true, shows you’re not alone in that thinking. Or the giants are trying to set themselves up to go get one of the quarterbacks next year. I think that’s the more likely plan.

It’s also hurting your chances next year of possibly moving up for stroud or young. If you think Goff is the guy then I’d make the deal. If not then I think you have to sit tight.

The article is actually pretty bad. The cap is fluid. It’s not hard to be $30 million over and still be able to sign free agents. If you have to trade draft picks over money your probably not doing so well being an NFL GM. Most will “buy” picks whenever possible. Holmes has done a fantastic job allowing us to be super aggressive in future years if and when we become competitive.

The cap angle is an obvious attempt by the Giants to spin the fact that they want to ride this season out with Jones and then draft his replacement next year

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Shit, if I ran the Lions I would offer 2 for a 1st & 2nd next year. At least then we would have some more ammo to move up for a real QB prospect. Staying at 2 and drafting a pass rusher who didn’t produce in college but blew up the underwear Olympics, or a safety at 2 isn’t moving the needle for me.