Report: Golladay may avoid franchise tag after turning down $18M from Lions in 2020

Wow. If the Lions go that route, I’d expect that we wouldn’t see them sign anything but non-qualifying FAs, i.e. players with annual salaries less than $2M and street FAs, so as to not jeopardize a 2022 3d Rd comp pick.

Also makes me wonder if they will sign Okwara instead with the money saved or let him go too in a Moneyball type move.

Quinn offered him that.

So either he’s done in Detroit, or he was done with Patricia.

And seeing as he “liked” a post announcing Patricia being fired, I’d guess it’s the latter.

This doesn’t have anything to do with his status IMO.

I think he either gets a franchise tag or a transition tag… if a deal isn’t reached first.

It would be foolish for the Lions to not apply one of them.

The transition tag make some sense. It allows the Lions to target free agent WR’s like Allen Robinson and have the option to let KG test free agency where they can choose to match any offer he gets.

Personally I think he gets tagged and they work towards getting a long term deal done.

That’s my preference.

I’m torn on this.

On one hand, he’s a top 10 receiver when healthy and it would be really enticing to have a quintet of Golladay, Chase, Waddle or Smith, Williams, Hockenson and Swift to surround Goff BUT he wasn’t healthy last season (presumably) and is about to turn 28 so you tag him and that hurts flexibility to improve other areas of the team and I’m not sure you get much more in a trade than you would get for a comp pick if you let him walk and use that cap space elsewhere.

A long term deal would be a longshot since he will likely be on the downswing when they are ready to compete in 2-3 years so I’m kind of leaning towards letting him walk as painful as it would be in the short term. Get the comp pick, take a #1 receiver in the draft and spend the $16m elsewhere if need be.
I would be fine if they tagged him but slightly leaning towards not.

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You forgot Pitts. :grin:

I hope they take Pitts just to see the Lions fanbase melt down because they took another “tight end” even though he’s more of a big receiver than a tight end.

I think the Lions let KG walk but will allocation a big chunk of what they save to either Johnson or Williams at safety and have a few million in reserve. With colleges pumping out WR talent like never before and Holmes reputation for identifying and drafting talent, that could be the plan.

If he is tagged… possibly today unless the deadline is pushed back.

The Lions have until the 16th to clear the cap space cost of the franchise tag.

They then have until July 15th to sign him to a long term deal.

Dude denied 18Mil coming off an injured season… let him walk. I think the lions offered him a fair deal- not sure if he wants out or if he thinks he is worth more??? Lions need to rebuild no need to tie so much up on 1 receiver…let him walk and take the comp pick as much as I love me some Golladay just not worth it