Reset the Clock--Dan Campbell's best coaching job--vs Giants

Campbell “has gotten out of his own way” and is letting the other teams beat themselves.

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In fairness to DC, I think the New England game was a big catalyst for change to his game management.

He has been very solid in the four games since.


I think he’s done a nice job at taking a step back and what looks like reevaluating the extent of his aggressiveness.
Although there was two points during Sundays game I was close to hopping through the television and shaking his brains. There were two penaltys that he declined in which I personally would have accepted and pushed the Giants back.
I gotta remind myself that coaches learn too.
It’s early enough in his career for him to look at his own mistakes and correct them.
His aggressiveness has dialed back just enough to make me believe he’s not as stubborn and hard headed as what I orginally started to believe.
Good signs :+1:


I’ve mentioned since the beginning that HE and the staff were in a learning curve from Day 1. I was concerned that the “smoke and mirror” plays were SO successful last season that he would rely too heavily on them again this season. Well, outside of going for it over and over on 4th down and not making it, he’s held it down. Don’t over think it, take what they’re giving and don’t beat yourself is more than just good advice, it’s how you win.


One more win and we will be even with the Patricia team that got him fired.

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Patricia took over a 9 - 7 team and alienated and shipped out some of our best players. Apples to oranges.


And he still won 5 games with that team your talking about. Dan needs another win to reach that mark. Apples to Apples just a little hard on the Koolaid

You are the second person I’ve heard say that. I 100% agree on the holding call. The Giants are not a good offense, push them back the extra 10.

Not sure what the other call was? I remember him declining a 5 yard penalty off a play for no gain. In that situation I agreed with him, take the loss of down over just 5 yards.


This makes no sense whatsoever.


…more like pennies to mountain goats…serious head scratcher.

That’s his hand picked roster :wink:
This is starting to become Dan’s roster, and has his stamp on it.


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Only because you two are so drunk on koolaid you don’t get it. I mean how hard is it that in one sentence you say that Dan inharited this really horrible team. Now Patricia still won Five games with that team. We’re still only at 4 games won now witch means no matter what other BS you 2 add, we have yet to be able to match that horrible 5 win team.

If your so desperate to have a argument, you might try well Patricia never won 3 in row.

But it’s is a weak argument try to use how bad of a team he inherited when Patricia was able to win 5 games with that team.

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The 2nd declined penalty was probably more just me being frustrated with the first one (holding call) lol.
It was an illegal motion (i believe) on 2nd and 10.
Personally I still would have taken the penalty and pushed them back an extra 5.
Turns out Jones hit Cager for 11 on the next 3rd down play.
I doubt it would have affected the outcome of the drive because the Lions stopped them shortly after, but my frustration with that first declined penalty added to the 2nd.


Well, Patricia inherited a team that had Matthew Stafford at QB and still his best season was 5 wins.

Dan Campbell didn’t have that luxury and, quite frankly, the defense was in shambles in 2021.

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just because someone disagree with you does not mean “they don’t get it”

If we’re drunk on kool-aid, what are you drunk on? Shit sandwiches?

What would you have to believe, in order to not recognize growth after a 3 game win streak (2 on road, 1 against a 7 win team)?
What would you have to b committed to to overlook the fact that the teams we have lost to are 15-4 combined record (stat collected week of our last loss…a month ago)?

What are YOU drunk on, ya handsome sombitch?

Patricia doesn’t work here anymore.

We’re focused on fun and growth. What are you focused on? (hint…the PAST). :wink:
Let’s pretend you are not you, and you are looking in on the conversation of ppl you don’t know. Who is looking for an argument here? :wink:

We canned them all and tore down the roster (and cap they left). Are we supposed to pretend those were the same players in teh same system?

Go do some breath work, my man. Chill out. It’s okay. Our football team can actually be good. It is a massive pattern interrupt for all of us. We’r gonna survive this.

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Your supposed to no how to count. Is 5 higher then then 4 ? Win turkey day and you will have Patricias win Total that’s a fact.

And you for one should never talk about because you don’t agree BS because everyone know here anytime any one disagrees with you they a 2 page lecture on how to be happy in life.

And everyone is excited about a 3 game win streak, and have have Dan credit. But he still has yet to win 5 games in a season.

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But we have Jared Goff. I hear he’s as good as Stafford and some say better.

In regards to the declined holding call, I heard part of his interview on 97.1 yesterday, and he said his reasoning behind it was because it put them in an obvious passing down. He said something about how his main objective was shutting down Barkley, and he knew on 3rd and 7 they probably wouldn’t hand it off to him again, whereas on 2nd and 17 they might. So he felt good about taking Barkley out of the equation and hoped they could stop the pass, because the giants were out of FG range either way.

So that was the reasoning he gave which I can understand. Still don’t know if I agree with it, I’m kinda neither here nor there on it because they were at midfield and was hoping we could stop a 3rd and long… but I also understand the reasoning of putting them in an even bigger hole to climb out of.


:muscle: :facepunch: :fire:

This is why I don’t write more often. You entirely miss the point. Do you think I’m writing to ppl who disagree with me, or more to people who are angry, disrespectful, or invalidating other humans? NOTHING to do with agreeing with me. I don’t care if ppl agre with me or not.

To contemplate wether he does that this season feels like extreme negative hyperbole. He has won more than five this season, and you know it…to argue otherwise is a little out there (just my blueprint).

If you were forced to bet your entire life on it, would you say the lions hit or mis on 5+ this season.

Truth is, it’s argument for the sake of argument.



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Not really.