Reshad Jones Trade?

Pro Bowl safeties can always help…

13m? Errrrr nope!

Anyone else read the title as Rashida Jones? I was thinking," We traded for a hottie!

$13 mil is his base salary, but he’s got a bit over $17 mil cap hit and that’s just this year when he’s 31. His cap hit next year is about $15.6 mil and around $14.5 mil in 2021. Ehh, I think not. The Lions would be taking on that cap hit, right?

None of the prorated will follow him, that stays with the club.
So, you’re looking at a player with 13, 11.5 and 10.5 over the next 3 years and Miami would have to take the cap charges for the previous bonus. (4 mil this year and 8 mil next year of dead money on the cap)

Flores, a NE disciple, doesn’t want him, why would Patricia? He’s a diva, he refused to go back into a game last season bc he didn’t want to be a rotational player. He’s not the type of personality they want in Detroit.

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Yep. For easy viewing, look at only the base salary.

That’s a huge cap hit.

Too expensive and a little too old. I think the Lions will be okay with the guys they already have, and they need to keep the better players they have now from leaving if they can.