Response Threshold/Limit -- Fixing this now

Hearing reports that some of you are being limited to the number of responses. That’s a default measure for security/spam purposes via the forum software. I’m lifting this now so you can post unimpeded!

Let me know via email ([email protected]) or personal message if you guys have any issues.

I was placed in time out but now I’ve been set free to post to my hearts content. YaY!


Oh crap, with that limit in place how am I going to get my weekly quota of security/spam posts out!

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Can we do a group vote for the people we’d like for you to add the limit back to?


Hey! I mean. Seriously. How long did you make my character limit.
Oh, come on!
This is a joke, right?

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Also, minimum response is 10 characters?

Most of my curse words are less than that…

Annnnnnd thats why it’s im place, amirite?

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Fixed. Now it’s five.

Which means we can use most of our “fun” words.

Don’t forget haiku, @Weaselpuppy

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