Reuben Foster arrested for domestic violence

LOL Iggy. (I know you read the boards, so yeah. LOL.)

Looks like both Davis and Foster will likely be busts, just for different reasons.

PS Bring Back Chris Claiborne

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I don’t think Davis is a bust at all… His trajectory is a solid starter and I’ll take that @ #21 OA all day.

But yes, lol @ Iggy :joy:

In that draft I still like Davis as a LBer. Levy was similar until year three when he started shedding blocks and missing less tackles

Tabor in the other hand…He gets beat more than Ruben Fosters girlfriend. Would love to have that pick back

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Now he has been released and is a free agent, 49ers moved fast on that

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He’s been arrested 3 times this year, suspended 2 games, been injured and his play hasn’t been good when he’s on the field. It was a bad pick at the time considering the red flags and he’s amounted to what many of us thought he would, a bust.

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Lol you had to bring up Chris Claiborne…wow!

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Signed by the Cowboys in three, two, one…

Kidding. He’ll be coming back with likely a 6 game suspension, which the team that signs him will have to spend dealing with pissed off fans and sponsors. He’s finished. At least he should be finished.

Do the Niners still owe him salary under these conditions of release?

It might depend on his contract terms. If the 49ers were smart, they put a clause in his contract that they owed him nothing if he was cut due to conduct off the field.

This is all too damn interesting to me. If you recall draft day, Foster thought he was going to become a New Orlean Saint. Why that matters is because being in New Orleans he’d only be an hour away from his girlfriend’s family in Baton Rouge. Does he do this stupid chit if he’s within driving distance of her family?

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Probably…he’s an idiot. Can only imagine what he got away with at Alabama. Glad we didn’t draft him.

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That’s funny because I remember years ago when I lived in Louisiana. There was a Louisiana kid (offensive lineman) who ended up playing at Alabama (instead of LSU, huge no-no). He was back in Louisiana on break, and ended up getting arrested for riding dirty (speeding, guns and drugs). I laughed. So you are telling me he never got caught doing that before? When he was in Louisiana and one of the top prospects, possibly on his way to LSU…he never got stopped? Then in college, while being a starter for Alabama…he never got stopped in Alabama? Then magically, he gets pulled over for the first time in his life while riding dirty…while being an Alabama player driving around his home state of Louisiana? LOL


I swear, college football in the south/southeast U.S. have their own geopolitics. Great story!

Funny as hell you call out Iggy on these forums loll . But ya he was the biggest foster supporter , he deserves it lol

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