Richard Sherman as a safety convert

I’m starting to really like that as our last big signing (once the comp pick deadline passes).

Some risk of course but in the past he’s seemed open to it and he’s bright as hell, sees the game well and likely to be a solid ballhawk and general of the secondary for a year or two.

Am I crazy for thinking this?

I wouldn’t be mad bro’…

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Just don’t tell Crabtree

It worked for Charles Woodson.

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(phone rings)

“Hi, Richard Sherman. This is the Detroit Lions. Could we entice you to come play for us for any amount of money?”

“No thanks”

(phone hangs up)

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(phone rings)

“Hi, Richard Sherman. This is the Detroit Lions. Could we entice you to come play for us for any amount of money?”

“No thanks”

(phone hangs up)


That is THE first song I’m playing when the pandemic is officially over. It’s perfect for that moment

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I think Richard would dig playing for Glenn, Pleasants and MCDC.

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Woodson was a much more physical cornerback than Sherman. Wood had no problems playing on the line of scrimmage and putting a hat on someone.

Sherman would have to play the role Harmon played last year. The problem with that is that’s what Walker does best as well. I’d really sign or draft a young safety to complement Walker.

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I’d still want to draft a safety.

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So hilarious that his Seahawks had the epic Superbowl loss to Brady, not long after Sherman made that dumbass comment.

Also enjoyed watching him give up the winning play to Watkins in his Superbowl loss to KC.

I might have to find another team to root for if we sign him.

Really? I like Richard Sherman. He’s smart, doesn’t break the law. He’s a loud mouth but I usually agree with his underlying point when he’s speaking about macro level issues.

No … your not crazy… but fit is key.

In fact he could easily transition to safety in the right system like a cover 2. He played his entire career in cover 3 zone concepts and a two high safety cover two is the same concepts. I think he could probably make that transition.

However if you want him as a MOD, Box safety or single high safety your going to be disappointed. He doesn’t have that kind of range. He also isn’t as strong in man coverages.

Darrelle Revis clearly had a beef with people calling Sherman the best CB in the game. He constantly pointed out why and few people understood it. He also pointed out just how good Slay was and few people got what he meant there. He was 100% right … Sherman was great in what he did but his responsibilities in the cover 3 were small. He was responsible for 1/3 of the field while Slay and Revis had to cover 100% of the field. Sherman didn’t have the range to do what they do.

This is why I say he could probably play in a cover 2 or a 2 high zone safety defense. He’d be responsible for 1/2 the field. I think he could do that.

But if you recall Glover Quin declined heavily once MP arrived. That’s because he didn’t have the range to play in MP’s single high safety spot where he was responsible for the entire field sideline to sideline. In Austin’s defense the Lions utilized two deep safeties and they were interchangeable. Each safety was responsible for 1/2 the field. Glover excelled at this and sucked when asked to cover more range. The same thing would happen to Sherman.

Without knowing how we plan to use our safeties It is hard to determine if Sherman would be a good or bad fit.

I think it’s a mute point anyway. I think we will be drafting a starting safety in a few weeks.

I thought I read that Glenn favored Cover 2 with safeties sharing similar responsibilities on their halves of the field. That’s why I thought he and and Walker might be a decent pair.

Then you grab a guy like Hamlin on day 3. This frees up some day three capital.

I’m not as scheme savvy as you are so I could be mistaken. He just seems like the type that could have a playmaking sunset of his career if moved back to safety. :man_shrugging:

To be honest I think his value now is as a role player in sub packages like cover 3. He’d bring the knowledge and leadership to help a youngster in camp.

I like my safeties like I like my LBers. Sound tacklers, aggressive, plenty of range and ball hawking skills.

Unfortunately the Lions are soley lacking on players like that. This draft has a few that I really like. I hope we get one.

I don’t see it as an either/or. Take a shrewd playmaker for a year or two. Hope you hit on a Merton Hanks style safety. If not, have an out after one year.

If you told me that you were sent from the future and that in ‘21 RS was switched to safety and was top ten at his position I think I might believe you.

So perhaps we should revisit this idea