RIP Jamie Samuelson

97.1 The Ticket lost half their morning show with the passing of Jamie. Losing out on his two year battle with colon cancer.

Reminder to all, to get your little heinie checked out. I’ve been getting screened regularly since I was 30, because it runs in my bloodline

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I had no idea
That’s way too young
No question he was always a decent guy
I’ve been checked at least twice — clean

That’s really sad. Colon cancer isn’t common in younger people, and it tends to go unnoticed until it has begun to spread. The only reason I don’t have my next scope coming up is COVID. Once things get back to normal, I’ll have my next one. Colorectal cancers run on both sides of my family.

This is very sad. I read the stories where he was diagnosed, and to see he passed so quickly really caught me off guard.

Jamie was one of the few guys who actually would hold email conversations and talk sports with fans. I chatted with him on a few occasions, and called into the show on a few occasions. Most know I live in the KC area, the Jamie and Stoney show and Wojo are still things I listen to in order to connect back home. One of those connections is now gone, but never forgotten. Thanks for the memories Jamie.


Classy move by Patricia for calling into the morning show. Especially how 97.1 has blasted the Lions (deserving so) through the years.