RIP Mr. Bond

Sean Connery passed away today at age 90. Believe most of us grew up with the man and held him close to our hearts. Even though in later years, he turned into a cantankerous old fart…lol


I liked a lot of his movies and the James Bond movies were not tops on my list.

Rest In Peace to one of the greatest actors of our time.

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Another legend is gone. Read the damn room 2020.

We need to organize patrols to spray disinfectant around the homes of Betty White and Mel Brooks 24/7.

Damn. One of the all time greats.

The only true James Bond.


I know. You’d think Chuck Norris would have straightened this shit out by now.

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RIP my man.

Opinions on his best role?

I absolutely loved him in The Untouchables.


Well deserved academy award.