RIP Stanley Wilson ex CB

Another died suddenly.
Dropped dead today .

Lord have mercy on his soul


Definitely troubled, who knows how much from drugs and how much from an underlying condition. It’s a shame.

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He collapsed in a mental hospital. Holy fudge!

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Yeah definitely sad. His story is an odd one. You have to wonder if concussions were a part of it or was it mental health.

The Lions have had a few players with odd mental circumstances in their history.

Sad story. I wish his family peace and hope they get answers.


Also sad when the troubles of the father are repeated in the son.


RIP Stanley


Poor guy had a lot going on………just sucks to hear.


RIP… very sad

RIP. Sucks. Dude had a rough ride too.


There’s a strong correlation between the two, so I’d say you’d probably be right on both accounts.


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Sad. I remember when he was drafted because i didnt know who he was. I remember reading about his father back then.



He was on meth.

Maybe our old Naked Wendy’s drive thru coach was on meth too?

How many x can you be arrested for being nude and on meth and not be committed? Apparently, every time.

Ok. They issues are not mutually exclusive. The correlations between concussions and mental health issues is very strong, as is the correlation between mental health issues and substance abuse. This is why there are so many dual diagnosis patients, and the causation can go in either direction for mental health issues and substance abuse.

Apparently he was committed because they said he died in a mental hospital.

Well, looks like he never made it there…

According to a report by TMZ, Stanley Wilson Jr. died while being transferred from Los Angeles County jail, to a hospital that specializes in patients with mental health issues on Feb. 1. Wilson collapsed during the intake process and eventually passed, according to the report.

It’s just really sad. Who knows what caused it all. Another major issue a lot of former players have is life after football, you are a star in high school, star in college, play a few years in the nfl making money you’ve never seen before and then one day football is just all over and sometimes it’s all they ever knew, so what do they do next? Stanley only lasted 3 seasons in the nfl after being a 3rd round pick, that can’t be easy to handle mentally. And we just have no idea what another man is going through. May he rest in peace.

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For me I wonder what changed between the incidents from 2016 and early 2017 and now, as it appears there was a rather substantial window where if there were problems they were being dealt with.