Risky Bet?

I have a friend who believes that one of the top 4 DE’s (Hutch, Walker, Thibs, Jermaine Johnson) will slip and be available outside the top 20 picks. I said I’d love to bet him that won’t happen. We bet a lunch on it. Is it too early to put in my order? Seems like I’m getting a free lunch. Anyone here want his side of the bet?

That’s scary… like Arron Rodgers scary

Unless there’s some kind of draft surprise video type thing, none of those guys are falling past 20. You should place your order.

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I wanna move our picks around and get Malik Willis and Jordan Davis.

They appear to be getting drafted in places that make no sense for us. It’s what I’d like to see in the first. :wink:

Trade down and back up?


Hell, I really want them to find a way to fall back into the teens in the first and get another couple extra seconds and maybe a high third. As I’ve said before, I love the depth of this draft from the top of second to mid third.

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I even negotiated an out for if there is an injury or Laremy Tunsil type situation. I dont know how I lose this bet. I probably would have accepted it if it were top 15 instead of 20.

I’d take the bet on your side. But anything can happen.

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I actually been dreaming about that for months. Well before the combine happened and I realized Davis was out of reach. But if we could do this I’d be in love. And add a safety high with some Edge, WR and TE depth later on. All of which would be able to majorly contribute this and next year (sans willis)

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Love this scenario, man
Completely agree

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