Robert Quinn to Dolphins

What a steal! Only giving up a 2020 6th round pick for a DE/OLB of that caliber is something that always has me falling over.

First, there’s Miami.
Then, the rest is just money…and Florida is a very tax friendly state.
Warmth, tradition, money.
Gee, why can’t we compete?

Well, it’s a trade, so it’s not like Quinn is choosing Miami over Detroit… You’re speaking in general why FA don’t come to Detroit.

No, generally good players can refuse a trade. Iffy players go where they can collect a check.

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He was traded to Dal from Miami. The Dolphins got the pick.

He was a bad fit for the 3-4 scheme that Miami is planning to run. He was due 12.9 mil and Miami gave him permission to seek a trade. Truth is I think Miami was planning to cut him to save cap money. He chose a one year deal with Dal and Miami just took what they could get and moved on. He chose where he wanted to go. I think he’s banking on a big year in Dal and hitting free agency for a big payday next year.