Robert Woods Anybody?

I think this is a definite possibility with Holmes’s/ Goff’s history. Opinions?

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I would think we would be in line, but certainly interested. Also, Holmes didnt get Woods drafted by LA but may have been high on him.

Also, Woods will be 30 this year, coming off an ACL.

OBJ is in the same age and injury boat, as an fyi.

Atlanta, NOLA, Indy Arizona, Washington, Philly…Tennesse…lots of people competing ahead of us

I put Woods in the same category as Josh Reynolds. They have chemistry with Goff and they have experience talking a certain language. If things ever break down and Goff can’t remember the current system, he can instantly communicate with a guy in a former language to adjust and attack the situation. And he can feel confident in what the guy is seeing and how he is going to react.


I agree, but he’s also a sniper when it comes to run blocking, picks, and other things outside of just catching the ball. I think he’d be beyond valuable in teaching those things to ASB. However, the WR room is getting really crowded really quickly, and it’s probably gonna get even more stuffed come April.

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Dont forget GB


At a 15.7m cap hit there is zero chance Woods gets traded here


I can see Green Bay flipping a third rounder for him. Maybe a second if they’re feeling generous.

And he’ll thrive with Rodgers.


We’ll just cut Fox. Meanwhile, a live look at our own Big Natty


He’s a pro’s pro. On a short-term deal he could be a great option. I don’t think it will happen but I wouldn’t be against it at the right price.

Woods is signed through 2026:

And pretty expensive.

I don’t see the Lions trading for him.

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Agreed. For a guy who is turning 30 in a few days, is coming off a torn ACL, has a fairly large contract, and has been a support WR (not a #1) his whole career, I don’t think there will be interest. My guess is it is more likely he is released than traded.

It that is the case I could see them offering him a one year deal. Could be tempting for Woods as he and Goff has excellent chemistry and they still have a need at WR. 1 year deal in the 8-10mil range would most sense for both sides with a similar structure to Charles.

Not sure if we need to draft a WR then as you have Chark, Woods, St Brown, Reynolds, Cephus, and Raymond.

Looking at it that way, they may want to add a rookie and not a veteran to the mix.


Don’t we already have a player who’s been commonly compared to Woods?

And hasn’t Antwaan Randle El already defined what kind of WR they’re looking to add?

At first blush this seems like a good fit, I mean Goff + Woods again, but when you look at the room, is Woods the player you want to improve it?

Cephus had developed a rapport with Goff previous to getting injured, even when nothing else was working. He’s coming back and I think will be a solid contributor to the rotation. ASB, Reynolds and Chark are clearly part of the plan, too. Raymond has a specific role on ST and as a gadget player. There’s room for 1 more WR to be sure (sorry, Trinity), but I think they’re in line to scoop up that true #1 outside receiver in the draft.

If he is traded after Sunday… when his $3.5 mill roster bonus will be paid… he is due $10 million in 2022 in his age 30 season.

His salary then jumps to $13.75 mill in 2023 and 2024…. then $15.5 million in 2025.

Considering that the team that gets him will be able to go year to year and can cut him with zero dead money after 2022… I think the Lions would be interested for a late round pick.

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I liked the idea until I saw that contract.

The Rams aren’t trading him.

I would off a 5th and 7th…. We already have a league leading 77 guys under contract…. This is where I see us trading late picks for players and we have the cap…

It comes down to if he wants to be here. He has no more guaranteed money. Would I take him for 1 year and 10M? Sure.

R Woods

  • the key is also the depth that most guys have hated on…. Reynolds, Cephus, Raymond is still better than we fielded HALF our games last year if we had to start our 4, 5, 6 guys even one week.

My guess is Woods or Chark would emerge as the more effective player next to ASB this year and the other would be gone in place of a rookie…

I sure like the DT, RB, S, LB options from late 1 til late 3…


Small trade down to gain a 2nd…

B Hall
Travis Jones
D Clark
C Tindall

Add Woods and B Hall to our offense, and those 4 to our defense.

No thanks 30 year old guys coming off knee injuries is exactly what this team doesnt need.


I agree, and I hope you are wrong.

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I think you could get him for a 6th or 7th rounder because of that. Similar to Cooper. And he’s easy to move off of.

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