Rodgers vs. Goff

Having watched both since they were at Cal (though admittedly much less Rodgers the last ~5 years), thought I’d share a comparison of them and why the Lions may have an edge.

Rodgers was definitely the more exciting QB. His ability to throw on the move or off angles was special. He was hard to sack with his mobility and quick release. If there was one knock on him, it was his tendency to throw absolute bullets when a bit of touch was needed.

As to Goff, he wasn’t quite the playmaker that Rodgers was, but he seemed to be a better rhythm passer and perhaps a touch more accurate overall. In the 2016 draft, I thought he could be a good NFL player but could never reach the ceiling that AR was already achieving at the time.

Now, almost 20 years later (for Rodgers/10 for Goff), things have shifted a bit.

Rodgers has better touch than he used to. His mobility has reduced some. He’s as dangerous as anyone with 50 seconds left on the clock down by ~6 points.

The area where I’ve always liked Goff as a person and player better is that he’s pretty cool and calm no matter the situation. Rodgers can be taken out of his game and go into a funk if things don’t roll as he expects them to. While I’ve seen Goff have bad games where the ball doesn’t roll his way or he looks tired and didn’t sleep well, he always brings a can do attitude and will keep fighting and doing what he can. Grit.

Rodgers on the other hand can be awesome and slice a team up, but he’s prone to have a few bad breaks or throw an INT and let it affect his mood and ability to play for the rest of the game.

This is edge the Lions need. Glenn needs to find a way to take Rodgers off his game without making it easy for AR to take what the defense gives. They’ve got Rookie WRs. Exploit that with some grizzled veteran tricks that only he would know.


Goff is also 3-1 v Rodgers and the Packers in his NFL career, although the three wins were all home games and the only loss was last season at Lambeau.


As much as I loathe him, Rodgers is a Hall of fame QB. When I was looking up historical TD:Int ratios Goff right now has something like the 25th best year ever for a QB. But (without checking back) Rodgers is on the top 25 three or four times.


He and Tom Brady have been ridiculously dominant the past decade. Time for it to end Sunday


If Goff goes into Lambeau and wins this game with what’s at stake…please stop the talk of replacing him…thats all I have


I think our success comes from maintaining possession. Super Strong run game and converting on 3rd down. Keep the Green Bay offense and Rodgers off the field. Our offense is our strength keep the defense rested so the DL rotation can knock Rodgers on his ass with frequency. Get him roughed up and bleeding so the Lions can tear away at his raggedy old carcass.

They have 2 very good backs who can run the ball and are dangerous out of the backfield. Their receiving core is adequate and become more talented with Rodgers throwing to them. Lazzard at 6’5" is a big target and a go to guy on 3rd down so we have to play him tough. Watson is also 6’5" and fast. Doubs (young guy) and Cobb (old guy) fill in nicely and Sammy Watkins pulls a catch or two out of his ass every now and then. And if that isn’t enough Tonyan is a good check down TE for Aaron. Keep them off the field.


Didn’t Goff lose his last game with the Rams–a playoff game–at Lambeau with his injured thumb in 2020? As I recall, Aaron Donald was out injured and Goff had a decent game with no interceptions.


Because of the storms I’ve been shut in all day watching sport shows and this topic has me confused. According to all the coverage the Pack has a bye this week at Lambeau.


Yeah thats what i have heard also pack 100 lions 0


Goffs last game as a Ram and yes he played well that game. Arguably the only guy who showed up to play that day for us. Goff played solid in both playoff games that year. Which made the trade that much more surprising for me.

I think the matchup that’s key will be if Detroit can stop GBs running attack in the cold. As we all saw what happened in Carolina.


Running game of Packers scares me as well. That’s pretty much what did the Rams in that game. Aaron Donald started but was too hurt to play and the Rams gashed the Rams up the middle and it was over from there despite a heroic effort from a hurt Goff. Even McVay after that game had to admit that Goff played well following that with the “he’s our QB… right now” comment.

God, I would love to know what really happened with Goff and McVay. The Rams didn’t even try to get any value for him in a trade. Like they wanted to intentionally disrespect him. Hell, Wentz got a 1st rounder and he was much worse then Goff.


I think there is enough history now with McVay that once you are in his dog house, you are dead to him. Gurley, Peters, Talib, Akers were all shown the door without so much as a goodbye. Akers is the only one that seems to have gotten out of it somehow.

It’s been documented by all parties that Goff and McVay didn’t agree on somethin to do with the offense. Goff left that meeting thinking they didn’t agree but didn’t think they needed to blow it up. McVay did and immediately the Rams inquired about getting Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. When that didn’t happen, Stafford became available and McVay had a history and told Snead to throw the kitchen sink to get it done.

He felt Goff was holding back his greatness and they had some kind of disagreement. Enough that Goff was in the dog house and he didn’t even know it.

I had a manager like that once. If you were new or did something to make her look good, it was all smiles and back rubs. The second that changed, “don’t let the door hit ya”.

There is also documentation on Snead stating that he was inquired by a couple teams wanting Goff and he asked Holmes if he wanted him as part of the trade. At first Holmes asked for Donald. When he got heck no, he said yes he wanted Goff as part of the deal.


So weird how casual some fans are about their team being in multiple playoff games. In the same year.

What it must be like…


Sammy Watkins was cut on Dec20th and is now back in Baltimore.

Should have seen the Rams chat boards. Many fans were upset about that year. I’ve appreciated much of our success and would never complain about a playoff year. But many Rams fans have gotten absurd with expectations after the Superbowl year (2018). Some are ready to move on from McVay this year. I have my reservations if McVay can actually build a team considering he inherited a good roster and the Rams trade for proven talent. Now that bill has came due I think this will be the real test of McVay. In regard if he’s the complete deal. Many speculate if he has the patience for a rebuild. Either way I’m in no hurry to rid McVay. It would take 3 straight losing seasons for me to get there.

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I am confused. Why would a team play more than one playoff game? Are you saying they did a joint practice scrimmage and then played the playoff game that week?

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And he had a broken thumb on his throwing hand if I recall… Goff has won more playoff games with a broken thumb than the Lions have in 31 years… common Goff end the slump!!!


I would like to think that would happen, but I know better.


Hell, if Goff goes into Lambeau and beats Rodgers in a win and in scenario for both teams, just erect a Goff statue outside of Ford Field following a late Sunday Night of erect Lions fans.


Rodgers has had an amazing career but his play really fell off this year and I don’t think it was all supporting cast. Those awful throws he made in our first game had nothing to do with anyone but Rodgers. It will be interesting to see if he can regain his MVP form. He’s 39 so the answer might very well be no.