Rodgers vs NFL comebacks

Hola Den-mates. Been around for all 193 versions and just got to this one. I usually try to stay away from the refs because it seems to always go too far on either spectrum (refs screwed the Lions vs. Lions should have done more). However had to post on this one.

So I looked it up. Three of these five wins for AR are your Detroit Lions…


At least two of them are fake. Good for ratings though!
Fake facemask on one.
then…last night.

Pretty incredible first post.

Once you see this kind of blatant BS and then the numbers back up how incredible these things are that keep bouncing the Packers way, only someone in deep denial can say its not an inside job.

So in 450 tries its nearly impossible, less than 1/10 chance. But the Packers are better than .500. lots of teams dont finish the year at .500.

Its like them spotting the other team two TDs, not an even an issue for GB at home.


Interesting , I knew we were 2 of those but I do not have it in me on this one …Maybe a young guy who is really bent out of shape will look into this .

Go to the 9 games that Rodgers has been involved in and document the scoring drives penalties against the opposing team that aided Rodgers getting his victories and even the losses …That I would like to see . I’m usually up for this stuff but dealing with my normal October clusters of migraines and the computer screen does not help .