Rodrigo! (the linebacker formerly known as doomslayer)

6th round pick rookie repping with the first team. Does this mean:

A. Doomslayer was a hidden gem who is going to make every other team regret not taking him

B. Our linebacker corps sucks that much

C. Both


Well, I think I will wait and see.

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He is a bit undersized like Russell Wilson and thus undervalued. Cooper Kupp lasted until the 4th round because of a slow 40.

If Rodriguez was 2-3 inches taller, he’d have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

He probably won’t be able to play the mike forever as it is too physical of a position. Much like an undersized RB he’ll need a pitch count. Teams are moving away from size in favor of nickel packages with more speed, especially on third and long. He will probably play sub packages for a while because he can cover and make plays behind the LOS. Better to have a bigger guy on first and second.


Kupp was picked in early 3rd round.


He is bigger than NAKOBE DEAN who was rd 3 pick 19 an many on here wanted him to be a Lion.

Same ones now question Rodriguez size Just pointing out a fact

Height: 5-11 Weight: 230: Hands: 9 3/8 Arms: 30 1/2 Lions have is weight at 230? combine was 225

Dean 5’ 11" 229 lbs Arms 31 7/8 HAND S9 1/8" Eagles have him at 231

40 speed was same


Nice post Yote. It would be awesome to find a stud in the 6th round. Those are the players that fans love to rally around. Fingers are crossed that Rodriguez is that guy.


Dean didn’t actually run… or do any of the combine tests… and I’m not sure he could have matched MRod’s 4.52 time.


You can’t teach instincts, and this guy has them dripping out of his ears. I think he starts by mid-season. If its sooner than that, yes, our LB room was in shambles, but we all knew that.


It was the arm length more so than the height that cost Rodriguez in the draft.


Listening to a Lions podcast, they said that Campbell had said that, given his size, to be effective in the NFL, he has to do everything “perfect.”

Apparently he has great instincts but the coaching staff needs to build trust that he will consistently execute perfectly in order to earn significant playing time.

They said he definitely will flash and fans will gush over him, but asking a late round rookie to consistently execute perfectly is a big ask.

So expect wow plays but best in mind it will not be easy for him to slide in as a starter— especially early.

The thought process made sense to me.
Again, this was Campbell saying these things.


Would like to see that quote, I don’t remember him saying that but maybe I missed it.

Heard in a podcast, not in an article

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NFL HOF Inductee Sam Mills was 5’9" and 229, undrafted and cut twice.


That’s a good comparison, I was thinking Zac Thomas.


I heard the interview where DC said Mrod would have to play perfect due to his size limitations. But we haven’t had a LBer “play perfect” in Detroit in a long time and there’s no LBer on the team that’s ever played perfect. When people doubt this kid Sam Mills comes to mind for me.


That was in one of his pressers this week.

I didn’t really hear it as a trust conversation about the player. I guess that makes sense, though. Someone had asked him if an undersized LB like M-Rod can succeed and MCDC said they can, but because of the size limitations they have to be perfect in their execution. They have recognize on time, move on time and be efficient to get where they need to because if there’s delays along the way they don’t possess the physicality to erase the mis-steps. That’s kind of the way I heard it anyway.


Middle backers have to play close to perfect anyways.


Can’t find Mills’ measurements but Thomas’ arms are only 1/8th longer than Malcom’s so that’s good a good comp dimensions wise. Thomas’ college production was absurd though. He averaged 13 tackles per game over his entire career.

Kwon says, “short arms?…. hold my beer”

30.25 inches

Outside backer though. At least I think of Kwan as a WILL. I assume that’s the plan with Malcom as well. But Thomas and (presumably Mills) won consistently in the phone booth despite Reiff arms. Pretty damn impressive.

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