Rodrigo to MIKE

What are peoples thoughts on Rodrigo playing MIKE next year? He’s been fantastic reading plays and is more than capable calling signals his 2nd year.

There are some really good off ball linebackers this year in the draft. In addition I don’t like the idea of a rookie playing MIKE for us next year.

I know he’s on the short side however that has never seemed to be an obstacle for him. His cerebral gifts are way ahead of even our veterans. I could see him be an amazing green dot for our defense.


Capt Jack has that spot nailed down, they just need to call out his name in the draft.


Love the idea… don’t share it.

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If we can get him for sure he’s our MIKE. I’m just not convinced that’s happening.

I was watching the film against the bears and watching analzone miss reads and spring Fields for big runs. I don’t wanna do that again next year.

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I could see him being a Stephen Boyd @stephenboyd57 type dude.

What do you do with Barnes? Have him slide over and replace Harris/J Ok next year?

Who goes to Will…Board? D Williams Day 3??

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Boyd was exactly who I was thinking of. They are the same height and he had a fantastic career in the middle.


Boyd separated people from their helmets, he wa a big violent hitter. i think Campbell, who I hope we draft (fat chance), is more athletic and faster.


I love Boyd, but he was severely challenged in the modern game.

But just for bringing him up, I got several hugs for you.

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Not against it, but there’s a couple of veteran LBs I’d like if they went and signed one of them. With all due respect they’re both light years ahead of him. Not his fault. Just age and experience.

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Rodrigo is not ready for the green dot. He lost snaps to Barnes the last two games of the season. Rodrigo was visibly upset after the Chicago game. In the final two games of the season when Barnes ad Rodrigo played together Barnes wore the green dot.
I don’t think you just hand the green dot to Rodrigo, there should be a competition for all roles including green dot.
However if Anzalone is back he will be HANDED the green dot no competition.

It pains me watching sanborn play for the bears. Wish we had signed that kid.

If AA was such a pet or favorite of Campbell don’t you think he would have been resigned by now? Wouldn’t even take a chance on him leaving

My guess is AA leaves via FA and we have a new linebacker that is not on the team last year wearing the green dot as the MIKE. Then we will all hear how Campbell has no choice but to play him and poor Derrick is being shit on again

Oh no Barnes with the green , i can see it now green dot goes left and Barnes go right.
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Boyd was 240 pounds. He could withstand the pounding. Ridrigo can’t He wasn’t an every down player this past season.

Rodrigo was 235 last year. We will see what he shows up at this year with a full off season program.

He’s listed at 5’11" at 230 but I thought he was in the 220 range.

Why? Jamaal isn’t signed, yet. There is no doubt Campbell loves him, or that Jamaal loves it here.