Rodrigo to MIKE

Last year AA was re-signed around 03/15 if my memory serves me correctly. No hurry, AA is not a very heavily coveted LB. In Fact, the Lions may be the only team that will pick him up. They were the only team that wanted him in 2021 after 6 years in the league, when he came here to the Lions, (as I have constantly said , because of his relationship with AG and or DC). I am only stating the facts as I see them with AA. If the Lions don’t re-sign him he may not be in the league. Your analogy of them signing him quickly because he is a pet is way off base, they don’t have any competition getting him, they never have, so there is no rush. Anzalone being a “PET” has no bearing on his value in the NFL.
So the answer to your question is NO, if the Lions want to sign him he will be there whenever. I do believe there is some value in AA for the Lions with all the invested snaps and green dot experience, however that value does not carry over to any other NFL team.

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Anzalone just re-signed for 3 yrs 18.75 mil WOW

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I know this is difficult… breathe Cap, breathe! Think about the beach and sun and puppies.

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That would be a no.

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Look at these three RAS:

Still a Noah Sewell fan here if we can grab him in the 3rd. He’s a smoke show with that 1.56 10 yard split on the blitz. I think he’d be a great package piece. Maybe more.

It depends what linebacker is there in the draft. It we take a WLB type, then put Rodríguez at MLB. If we take Jack Campbell or any other MLB, then leave Rodríguez at WLB. We’re set for SLB, with Houston and Barnes.