Rogers confirms to McAfee he wants to be a Jet

Rodgers just confirmed on Pat Mcafee show hes going to play for the NY jets

just ironing out trade compensation

holy shit hes actually gone.

So based on Rodgers comments moments ago, who has the leverage here?
GB supposedly wants two firsts for Aaron, what if the Jets don’t want to give it to them?
I’m assuming that Rodgers cap hit is going to hurt GB if they don’t move him. I know it benefits them to do this deal post June 1, well iirc.

So who is in control here with Aaron saying he is going to play for the Jets but no compensation is agreed too as of today?

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Is it finally over? Of course not.

I would be willing to bet that a 1st isn’t apart of the package. Maybe something like this

-2023 2nd round pick
-2024 conditional pick (1st-3rd if: playoffs, plays in 2024, retires)
-S Jordan Whitehead (example player)

Packers aren’t getting premium picks for a rental.

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reports are GB doesnt want a stafford level deal from Rap sheet (I trust him on this)

im guessing a second for sure, and some other compensation

could be 2024 first aswell




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Says he intends to plays for the jets. They are in trade talks.

Yeah I saw somewhere a 2023 4th + 2024 conditional 2nd that could become a 1st. Maybe the Packers would rather have two 1st rounders in next year’s draft than this one?

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Rodgers I will say what I said to Scheftie, lose my number.

Value Jet about to take off lol Ian Eagle approves this

Makes sense, just recalling something I read somewhere about two firsts ala Detroit deal in the last day or so.
No, I’m not linking it. :slight_smile:

Glad we got that division out of the way last year. It’s likely to be murder for a year or two.

Though in three more years when we get it again it may kind of suck. A lot of all in teams.

I don’t need you to link it, everyone on this board is a legit credible source anyway.

Lions just traded for DeAndre Hopkins btw. 2024 3rd round pick and a 2029 7th rounder

BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Rodgers has demanded that the Jets also acquire Jordan Love and force him to sit on the bench behind him for two more years.


We did it.

We broke Aaron Rodgers.

The 91 playoff win might be the only accomplishment greater in the super bowl era.

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:pray: :pray: :pray:
Please be true.
Jets feel desperate to me though.

I wonder if Rodgers saw visions of Kerby Joseph intercepting his passes when he was in that dark retreat???

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I really don’t think the Packers get all that much. Like if the Jets don’t trade for Rodgers!? Who else is the Packers going to trade him to!? Doesn’t seem to be a market, just 1 team. Not to mention you gotta pay a 40 year old QB 50 million per season.

Jets have to be smart here. It’s essentially a game of chicken and the packers will undoubtedly break first after the public comments regarding Rodgers.


nailed it the league GIF by hero0fwar

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