Romeo Okwara . . . 1st surgery failed, had a 2nd surgery!

Had 2nd surgery 5 months later after 1st surgery didn’t work. Great article by Meinke, Romeo is an interesting guy.

I really want to see Romeo during the preseason, as much as the rookies.


Oh no. That’s Okward!


Romeo seems like a great guy to spell Hutch or fill in for him when Hutch moves inside.

Houston/Cominsky combo on the other side

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Achilles injuries are so hard to come back from and a pass rusher coming off the edge has to put a lot on his ankles. At least he’s not a DB where he has to suddenly change direction like Walker but its still no easy task.

I hope he can beat the odds but my hopes are low for him.

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I know I’m in the minority but if it’s one or the other I’d rather cut Romeo and keep Juliette, err I mean Julian.


Who’s our backup DE then? Just Pascal and our SAM edge rushers

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He did have 2 big sacks in the Jets game so he showed already that he can contribute post-injury.

His role will be reduced because the defensive line got massively better since when his injury occurred but it seems like he recovered from the injury in some capacity.


We have Aiden, Paschal, Commish and Harris. We have plenty And then Julian.

I love this staff but they have Julian pegged completely right. He’s best as a Brian Burns style of player. I’m not saying he’s that good, but trying to use him like he’s Cornelius Bennett is dumb IMO.

It would also be wise to slide Barnes down there on occasion on obvious passing downs.

I do suspect Julian is getting cut but I still think there’s some fairly unique athletic talent in there.

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Agree on Barnes and Agree on staff how they are using Julian.

Julian & Charles best seasons were in the 3-4 we ran.

I still can’t see J.Ok getting cut. He’s one of the best 53 we got

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He is athletic, he’s a liability vs the run and the biggest issue is all the injuries. He hasn’t been able to develop as a player because he’s missed so much time. Didn’t look it up, but I’m guessing he’s missed at least 40% of the games, plus he was injured at Notre Dame when we drafted him.


Most excellent article.

Makes you want to root for the guy.

How does our starting DE go through five months of rehab before finding out the Achilles surgery “did not take”? I was under the impression Achilles will repair itself and the surgery speeds it along. I wonder who did the first surgery? Sumthin aint rite.

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It’s actually fairly common where guys pop their achilles a 2nd time, especially if they try to do too much too fast in rehab. One of my HS basketball players did that in the past, 2 achilles tears in a 6 month period, needed a second surgery, just brutal.

Like Air was saying above, it’s a brutal injury. It ends so many careers. We are all rooting for the guy, but setbacks from an achilles tear is pretty routine. ACL tears seem to be much easier to come back from than ruptured achilles.

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this is very believable…and much more common,which has to be what happened. the way it was worded …“did not take”…is likely intentionally misleading. sounded like a second opinion was needed.

yeah, i know its a devastating injury all in all.


Sure but he’s a great athlete and he has Gumby like bend that we don’t have outside of Da Problem.

Bro…think position versatility
What’s the first name that comes to mind?

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Recent comments from DC make it sound like JO has a ways to go to make the roster.

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All reporting has indicated that


What did coach say I missed it

It was in a recent Detroit paper.

DC discussed how JOs biggest issue is consistency, he just doesn’t have it. Coaches have told him this and what they need to see from him. Think there was more but that is what I remember.

From memory as I’m running appointments in Boca today so can’t look it up.