Romeo's clock starts today

Tim Twentyman
Romeo Okwara’s practice clock is starting today too


Wow. With the complete lack of any information or mention all season I really didn’t expect okwara to play this year.

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3 weeks to activate, so definitely not against the Giants, probably not against the Bills on Thanksgiving, but I’d bet we could see him against Jacksonville


Heck yeah !!

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At this point, Romeo might be the 4th or 5th best pass rusher on the Lions defense.

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We will see . At the very least the ready of the line can get a break

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Big Brother Reaction GIF by Laff

Campbell with all the guys coming back from IR.


I was just saying last Sunday with Julian getting 2 sacks, it would be nice to see his brother back!! Good news. If he’s able to practice he must have been medically cleared.

Disagree, other than Hutch, Romeo is probably the 2nd best pass rusher if he regained his preinjury health that is. He’s the only guy on the team that has had double digits sacks before in a season. He had a 7.5 sack season and a 10 sack season, now will he be the same player!? Maybe not. Although Okudah sure came back strong from the same injury.


If we were doing a buy or sell on Romeo, as to whether he will return to his form of 2020 (or even 2018), I’d be a seller. A serious achilles injury for a guy who was already a 4.90 40 guy with a 1.73 10 yard split pre-injury


doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence going forward.

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He probably won’t be the same, but you never know. Even if he could give us 10-15 snaps per game, that would help the rotation.

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I think Hutchinson, Paschal, Harris, and his brother Julian are all ahead of him in the pecking order.

Keep in mind, Okwara is a holdover from the prior coaching staff. This coaching staff has worked with him on a very limited basis.

These 2 guys have injury concerns as well. Paschal left the Bears game, any update on him!? And Harris missed 3 or 4 games, he’s back, but aint playing much, makes me wonder how healthy he is.

Romeo was also pretty good in the run game, that could help.

Didn’t this regime sign him to a extension ?


Yep, one of the first moves Holmes made!

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True, from a salary cap perspective, it was presented as a choice between Okwara and Golladay.

Neither has proved worth the second contracts they signed.

Romeo never won on his athletic ability, he is a smart high motor guy that won by technec, intensity and used his length.


No doubt, but one suspects he’s even going to have less athletic ability than before.

We’ll see. Sometimes when guys come back after not having played for a long-time they have the benefit of “fresh legs” so to speak–albeit that’s usually for a short period of time.

Jacksonville could be in for a couple nasty surprises. If we get okwara and jamo activated that week. Hopefully okwara is close to the player he was two years ago.

Who gets cut to make room for okwara? Do we say goodbye to Bryant?

Okudah came back and looked faster than before the injury. I’m hoping for the same for Romeo.