Rookie power rankings

Jonah Jackson is playing his tail off


If it was stretched to 50, would Okudah be on the list?


Mike Onwenu was a heck of a 6th round pick for Hoodie.

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Herbert has been insane.

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Draft wise it seems like OL is one of the few things that the hoodie scouts well

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He is trending up


It’s shown up in Quinn’s draft strengths too, thankfully.

This is what I’m talking about- hopefully he will tak the number one spot in all categories :crazy_face::+1::heart::pray::upside_down_face:

Yeah. Decker’s career has had a weird trajectory. Looked like he was going to be great as a rookie. Then really regressed (perhaps related to his injury) in year 2. Play was uneven but better last year but he’s been really good in 2020.

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