Rookie QBs 2021

Trevor Lawrence 9 TDs 14 INTs 58.2% compl 68.9 QB rating
Zach Wilson 6 TDs 11 INTs 56.1% compl. 65.3 QB rating
Justin Fields 6 TDs 11 INTs 57.6% compl. 69.3 QB rating
Mac Jones 16 TDs 8 INTs 70.3% compl. 97.0 QB rating

The advantage of going to a perennial playoff team with a veteran laden roster vs going to a perennial loser or mediocre team.

Ironically, though, 3d Rd pick, No. 67 overall, is out performing the three top 10 so far on a very bad team:

Davis Mills 8 TDs 8 INTs 65.8% compl. 81.1 QB rating

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On a different note, oh, what could’ve been…

Yeah, 65 air yards on that pass. If the rebuild had begun just 1 year earlier… (and @NewYorkLion was picking for them).

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There were numerous people who felt the Ford family was REALLY setting us back (even further) by giving Quinntricia that extra year. Meeting with the media to try and justify it. I soured on Sheila at that moment and she hadn’t even started yet.

That said - I think the biggest takeaway for me is that Herbert looks like the best QB and he was what the 3rd QB taken? And Mac Jones looks the best and he was the 5th QB taken? This idea that the Lions can’t move forward at QB unless it’s by drafting the next Andrew Luck at #1 is misguided to me. Teams find QBs outside number one overall.


Sure does make me NOT want to pull the trigger on a rookie QB next year.

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There are more Mac Jones-like rated QBs in this draft than there are Trevor Lawrences… Sooooooo

Also… there should be a fumble column… dedicated to Mr. Fields


Mac is who he is because of the Patriots.

If the Lions drafted him, he’d be ruined and out of the league in two years.


I get that but the struggling QBs have something in common compared to the successful one which is awful offensive lines and teams that largely ignored the position in the draft (Jacksonville taking Etienne with the second 1st was a head scratcher).

The one thing the Lions can bank on going forward is an offensive line with the potential to be really good. Hell, their 4th string RB looked like Barry Sanders yesterday and their best offensive lineman wasn’t even playing.

I guess my general point is that the QB they draft (who likely won’t be starting until 2 years from now anyway because of Goff) will be in a better situation to succeed than J-Law, Wilson and Fields this season with that offensive line foundation and a few more drafts and free agencies to add skill position guys.
Then again, it’s the Lions so… automatic fail if we’re being realistic.

I think Mac is special but that’s just me. I think any of the QBs drafted this year would have been ruined by the Lions.

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You have a short memory, bro. :wink:

Definitely more factors playing in that just → draft QB and have a good player.
If it were that easy, a lot more clubs could do it too.

Yep. BB went “all in” on veteran FAs and Jones walked into an ideal situation.

Cam Newton says hello.

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The 2021 Patriots have a VERY different roster than the 2020 Patriots.

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Let’s not forget how many folks were saying that the match of Jones and the Patriots was one made in heaven way before he was sitting there for them to draft him.

Everything fell right for the Pats to get him. Didn’t have to give up anything extra to get their guy. They let their board, their scouting tell them how to let it play out. They worked it to perfection.

How much confidence did he gain in his teammates in the wind tunnel vs the Bills? Some of the craziest shit ive ever seen in an NFL game.

Just like how the Lions ruined Matty Stafford and he’s been out of the league in two years, right?

That would explain why he was so coveted by other teams at age 30 +, right?

Mac Jones is a good QB. He was one of the most NFL ready QBs in this draft and highly rated by Chris Simms. It’s just people are so infatuated with dual threat QBs… FYI people made the same statement bout Tom Brady… Tom Brady is just a by-product of the Pats and BB.

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Lions have ruined many QBs. Couldn’t ruin Matt because he is one tough-minded SOB.
You don’t need to get too deep into the Lions history books to see how the Lions have ruined QB careers.

Joey Harrington and Chuck Long being the two most obvious.

Uh ok. You realize how hard it is to actually find a good QB, right? They don’t grow on trees. Lions had the number one overall pick and picked a good QB. They didn’t ruin him because he’s a “tough-minded SOB”. It’s cus he’s actually a good QB.