Roschon Johnson, the next Priest Holmes?

Roschon was Bijan’s backup at Texas, just like Priest Holmes was for Ricky Williams.
Roschon might be worth throwing a later round pick at if we don’t take someone like Bijan early.
He’s said to run a 4.39 forty.


Man how about Whittington getting beat on his block at 3:03 and just grabbing RJ and charging it upfield with him. That was impressive awareness.

On topic though, there are some similarities. Kid runs hard as hell no questioning that.


Both were back-ups at Texas.

That might be all they have in common.

I think Roschon may comp to Latavius Murray from a stylistic view…

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Looks like a promising pro prospect to me,if we can get him in the fourth round or later I would be all over that.

Now if he comes out and runs a crazy 40 at the combine he could very well go much earlier than that in which case I wouldn’t want to reach for him since he doesn’t really have a proven full body of work as a RB1.

If I’m going third round or earlier on a running back I would want to go after a guy with a more proven track record as his teams go to guy.

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Both Priest and Roschon are backups to the nation’s top RB, both happened to play for Texas.
I don’t know what Roschon’s NFL career will look like but he does seem to have some burst and not a lot of wear on his tires, which can be a plus as well.

“Johnson would be a starter at most schools, but with the Longhorns featuring perhaps the best back in the nation in Bijan Robinson, Johnson is the backup. Johnson put together solid production as a complementary back over the past three seasons. He is a big running back who has more receiving ability than many large backs.”

“Roschon Johnson came to Texas as a dual-threat quarterback and ended up playing H-Back/tight end his first year in their system before moving to running back. Texas continued to use Johnson in their wildcat package, which he played effectively. He’s potentially an immediate starter at the NFL level with good running ability, he is a capable receiver out of the backfield, and one of the best pass protectors in the class.”

Roschon Johnson scouting notes


  • Has excellent cut ability. Looks borderline great at times.
  • Has a good nasty bit of running power to his game.
  • Fairly explosive.
  • Reads blocks pretty well. Appears to understand defenders fairly well.
  • Runs between tackles pretty well.
  • Capable route runner out of the backfield.
  • Great power as a pass blocker. Nasty, physical, overpowering.
  • Excellent quickness and can handle a lot of power with relative ease.


  • Good, not great, speed. He doesn’t look like he has the speed to break away in the open field.
  • Doesn’t seem to be as effective in space. Struggles to break runs on stretch concepts.
  • Didn’t start much at Texas – mostly because he was the backup to Bijan Robinson.

This is more important than actual running ability especially on this team with our run blocking. We need to keep our QB’s upright and provide a safety valve at the same time. Definitely worth a look in the mid rounds.

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I’m gonna bump this thread, instead of Bijan at 18, maybe RJ in the 3rd.


That would be a nice backfield IMO.

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Wait, Brad joined the clergy too? What a busy offseason.

His profile makes him sound like Jamaal Williams.

Dude he is closer to a 7th rounder than a 3rd…

This draft is Deep at RB

And 3rd round rbs are really good college players.

Most draft experts have Johnson somewhere around a fourth-round pick. Johnson said he’s spoken specifically with Philadelphia and Atlanta.Mar 7, 2023

Q: What is Roschon Johnson’s projection for the NFL Draft? How do you see him panning out at the professional level? – a curious Port Neches-Groves alum

I’m so intrigued by Roschon Johnson as an NFL prospect. At the University of Texas, Johnson played behind All-American Bijan Robinson, who will almost certainly be the first running back taken off the board in April’s draft.

But don’t for a second think that Johnson isn’t catching the eye of scouts, too. Johnson was at the NFL Combine last weekend and put up some pretty impressive numbers for a man of his size. At 225 pounds, Johnson ran the 40-yard ash in 4.58 seconds and has the strength to run over anyone.

RELATED: Roschon Johnson opts out of Alamo Bowl, enters NFL draft

I actually think Johnson’s lack of carries at Texas will help him moving forward in the NFL. He doesn’t have all the wear and tear that a No. 1 college running back usually endures, and Johnson has shown an ability to be a difference maker on special teams, too.

Most draft experts have Johnson somewhere around a fourth-round pick. Johnson said he’s spoken specifically with Philadelphia and Atlanta. Could you imagine him in the Eagles offense? Sign me up.

Thurman Thomas had a decent backup. Why not Roschon!?

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Roschon the next priest Holmes chalk him up day 3 then

I want him on the Lions more than Bijan given the opportunity cost.

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He’s one of the guys I been mocking for the Lions in the 3rd/4th round, but he might go 2nd round hoping they draft him if they pass on Bijan. He’s a power back, and i love me some power backs, and he’s athletic.


Priest was an UDFA. The top 2 rbs in last years draft were 2nd rounders. This guy is at best the 8-10th ranked running back in this deep class. And that is a projection.

What round does the 8-10th best rb typically go in?

You have to be special to be worth a 2nd round pick at that position.

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