Roster preview: Will Isaiah Buggs remain a starter on the defensive line?

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I think a step back in snaps would be a really positive thing for Buggs. Most big boys don’t even want to log the number of snaps he did last year. Some games he was over 80% of the defensive snaps and had one game at 92% of the defensive snaps. That’s prime Suh and Aaron Donald territory. I think a healthy workload is around 50% - 60% of the snaps Buggs. That’s Sheldon Rankins range.

I will do a little bit of the math of why I feel this way, so you can see how fast the percentage drops if you have a healthy rotation of defensive tackles. Let’s say you have 2 DTs that are the starters, and only 1 DT that rotates with the other 2. If the rotational guy only takes 30% of the snaps equally from the other 2, that still drops the usage of the other 2 guys down to 85%. Add in 1 more DT that only plays 30% of the snaps and now you’ve quickly dropped the usage down to 70% of the snaps for the top 2 guys. If you have a quality 3rd guy that is worth giving 50% of the snaps to, the top 2 guys are now down to 60% of the snaps if you still have the 4th guy taking 30% of the snaps and equally distributing them.


Holmes echo’s what @Mr.Peabody says on amount of snaps Buggs played last year, from the article.

“Buggs is a very talented player,” Lions’ general manager Brad Holmes said of the former Alabama defensive tackle. “The real thing with Buggs is that I think he’ll be even better if everything works out in terms of — he had to play a lot of snaps last year, more snaps than we would have liked for him to play. But due to the circumstance he just had to.”


Yea thats the way i feel.
They had SO many injuries in that front 4 last year.

Hell be the starter. But definitely a lower snap %. Thats why Martin and Covington come in. Unless Martin really shines he could be the starter but that likely wont happen till after the bye at the earliest

Agreed, he should be more effective with less usage.


I understand the take on how less snaps should help his game but that said, last game of the season vs GB was probably his best game.

we need Buggs , he isn’t going anywhere “soon” that is.

I think his usage was closer to where they wanted it to be in that game and the games prior to it. He played a season low number of snaps the week before the GB game. Here is the stretch where he was playing well beyond what anyone would have intended:

Snap count in the GB game was the highest of the DT’s and 3rd on the DL to Hutch and Cominsky. Although the week before was a season low it wasn’t percentage wise, meaning the D as a group had fewer snaps. Yes he only took 31 snaps but that was 60% of the snaps. There were 6 games where his “percentage” of snaps was lower.

He played 42 snaps against Green Bay. I think that’s about where they want him. They had it dialed in towards the end of the season. He had 48, 50, 53, 56, 59, 56 and then dropped down to 49 snaps against the Giants. All of that was too high. I think after the Giants game is where they found a more comfortable snap count for him at 45, 34, 32, 36, 46, 31 and then 42 snaps. He started the season at 40, 40 and 38 snaps. So you can kind of see where they were going before injuries and where they went once they had things dialed in a little better.

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Here’s something I don’t really understand. Alim could play 3 tech and nose. Both Alim and Buggs were playing an incredible amount of snaps. Meanwhile the 10 million dollar man Brockers was standing on the sidelines healthy in street clothes!? Couldn’t he have given us 10-15 snaps a game to give those guys a blow!? He must have completely lost it, going from a full time starter to a guy who can’t even give our starters a couple plays off.

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He only played in one game after the bye, and had 12 snaps. They were working Benito Jones in more after game 10 and I believe that they wanted him to take snaps and relieve Alim and Buggs. Not sure how much Pascal and Cominsky took inside snaps but after week 10 Buggs only took 7 fewer snaps than Alim, 1 a game, so you could reason that both players were being relieved of too hi a load.

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I think Alim and Buggs will be starting. The big fella Martin is clearly a nose tackle, so hopefully he develops fairly quick and give Buggs plenty of rest at NT this year. Paschal and Cominsky will both be playing a lot of DT on 3rd downs. On paper, we should be able to cut down Alim and Buggs snaps a lot if we can manage to stay reasonably healthy this year.

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