Roundtable: How Many Targets Should Jameson Williams Get? (and four other topics)

One thing that was disappointing last year was the lack of plays specially designed for Jamo. I want to see a screen to Jamo, or a pick play or something just to get him an easy ball or two. Let him build up his confidence.

We should not leave this game without giving Jamo at least 2-3 targets. He can take this offense to a new level and we will need that ability to compete in the playoffs. Time to start acclimating him in right away.


I like how you’re thinking. Plays where he’s the No. 1 option should be incorporated into the game plan, even if it’s only 2-3 to start.

I just want to see one or two deep passes to Jamo, so we can get it on tape.

Other teams need to see this when they prepare for the Lions.

5-7 targets while also using him to open up other options in the offense.
This also depends on him running good routes

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I just want to see him in the right spot when he’s supposed to be there.
He’ll get the chance to turn on the burners if he follows his rule book.

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First week back, I’d guess he assumes most of Marvin Jones role, which was 21 snaps last week. At that rate, I don’t expect to see more than 4 targets. Just for comparison, LaPorta has received 27 targets to date, or 6.75 a game. He is the 2nd most targetted player on the team. I don’t see Jamo passing either one of LaPorta or St. Brown in the passing game. My guess is he settles in around 4-6 targets per game on average for the season.


Exactly. We have our #1. St. Brown is our possession guy.
If Jamo wants to be #1, he’s going to have to outwork St. Brown and I haven’t seen that from him.
We were still seeing poor routes and butter fingers in camp.
At this point in his career, he really doesn’t need to worry about bumping St. Brown. He needs to work on bumping JRey, first.


That’s not who Jamo was in college. Typically long striders aren’t known for their crisp routes and his hands were never a strength. He’s fast as hell and if you can hit him in stride he can outrun a lot of defenders. He’s going to get open deep, that’s who he is. Think of him like Calvin Johnson but you can’t throw him jump balls, so you better do a better job than Stafford did.


Ooof. Dependability, consistency, being where he’s supposed to be. This sounds like 10-15 snaps and maybe a target or two if he’s lucky.

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Read between the lines…there is a message that they are sending…and juat not saying it directly. I wouldnt expect a whole lot from JAMO…


Well, the first series or two are scripted and I’d expect us to whip out Jamo at some point therein.

But really, how often Jamo’s number gets called will have a lot to do with the opponent and its scheme and personnel. Playcalling doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

If they drafted Jamo and expect him to be completely different than the player they drafted. The problem isn’t Jamo.


WR screen, reverses, quick slant. Get the ball in his hands. The guy was electric at Bama with the ball in his hands. Obviously a deep shot or 2.

■■■■ let him return kicks. He housed several kicks at Bama.


First play, run him deep in a strait line and throw the ball expecting he’ll beat his man. If they have a deep safety use ARSB to pull him off. Why not do this? It will open up the underneath for the rest of the game if it works.

Don’t have to read between the lines:

  1. Jamo has to play within the book to be successful. Gone are the college star days where he can rely on his talent. This is the NFL. They all have extraordinary talent.
    The winners in the NFL put in extraordinary effort.

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  1. Throw all day to him!!!

The bolded part is right on IMO. Screens, pick plays, give him the ball in motion, short crossers… someone below says throw him a couple deep ones. That’s fine, but I’m less interested in those, to begin with, than in incorporating him from jump by ensuring the ball gets into his hands.

Even if he doesn’t do anything big time w/the opportunity, this kid needs to be involved. Between the injury last year, the 1-catch-to-3-drops, the stupid controversies, and now the suspension, the kid hasn’t contributed to the team’s success. Now he’s coming back to a team that’s 3-1 having beaten some good teams. He’s been on the outside looking in; seems that he doesn’t do well with that. Getting him involved right away will help get his mind right - and maybe he’ll give us a highlight or two along the way.