Rumor: Deebo to Jets for No. 10

Tony Pauline is sharing this. Not sure how much validity there is to it but Tony’s been around forever as a draft analyst, not necessarily a league insider (to my knowledge).


Wow. Deebo is going to really be happy playing there if true…lol

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I highly doubt it’s the 10th straight up.

So I wonder what else SF is giving up.

Deebo is definitely a better player than any offensive player in this draft. He’s worth the 10th pick

What!!! you had to mean what they get besides the 10th pick He is worth that easy. The Cap could be problem but not his ability as player.

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Deebo’s talent is definitely worth the 10th pick. What’s not worth the 10th pick is giving up the player you would have gotten at 10 along with his five year cap friendly contract for a WR who has had one great season and now is going to get a contract worth $25 million a year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Deebo, I would trade a lot for him, just not a top ten draft pick.


Makes sense given the connections

He’s an awesome player but a top 10 pick seems a bit much to me. Especially when you consider he’s 25 and had a down year in 2020. Rumor was SF was thinking of trading him after the 2020 season.

You don’t know if your getting 2020 Deebo or 2021 Deebo.

At least the NYJ coaches know what there getting and obviously they aren’t worried about the mental and emotional aspect of it.

You would count yourself lucky if the 10th pick becomes as good as deebo. He’s only 2-3 years older than the prospects and he’s an elite player right now. Lions fans love their magic beans.

Deebo is also a leader. A guy that leaves it all on the field. Go back and watch the playoffs. He was their best player on a team that was a play or two away from the Superbowl. He gave every ounce he had. And because it’s so draining, he feels he deserves a better contract and he’s right.


Deebo is really good but what are you trading for, a RB or a WR? As a WR, he was 25th in the league in receptions.

Are you betting he becomes better at WR? …or are you trading for RB when the league doesn’t really value RB’s in the first round?

I wouldn’t give a high first round pick for him.

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Headline: Deebo to Jets FOR No 10.
Actual content: For a deal INVOLVING the No 10 pick.

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All depends on why he wants out of San Fran.

If he doesn’t want to run the ball anymore, that changes his value.

I’m not saying he wasnt their best player but in the playoffs he had rushing games of 72, 44, and 38. Receiving yards in those games, 26,39, 72.
He averaged 93 yards a game, which is respectable but not great…and some of you guys act like he’s Marshall Faulk or whatever. I think some of you guys are overvaluing him…by a lot.


By my math, that’s 97 yards per game. To me, Deebo’s true value is in the fact that he absolutely strains a defense and how they will play coverage. There have been many WR’s who take a turn or two in the backfield. St. Brown ran some plays in the backfield for us in fact. However, the vast majority of these times, a defense is going to still play that RB position like they would a receiver and guard against the pass. Running the ball with a WR is more like a give up down, you aren’t running that guy through the trenches.

With Deebo though, he absolutely can play a legit RB role. He can run between the tackles, he can be used for screens or to run real routes from the RB side, and you have to account for where ever he is lined up. His 97 yards per game came with shoddy QB play, and the only other threat in SF’s offense is Kittle.

If you are trading for 2021 WR/RB Deebo, I think a top 10 pick still works for him provided you’ve got the salary to pay him. However, what we’ve heard is that Deebo does not want to be used as a RB anymore. I get that, however to me, that takes what makes Deebo special, and now makes him a common garden WR. Certainly a good player, but not special and dangerous as he was last year. WR is always one of the deepest, and easiest positions to fill. All of these teams paying insane money to WR’s will be in for a rude awakening.

We only need to look back to Calvin. He was as physically dominant as a WR as they come. Could literally do anything, and almost made it to 2k yards as a receiver. We paid him a boatload, and all that ended up happening was teams could take him out of games and he broke down because he was the only weapon we had and teams game planned for him. WR’s in my eyes are too easy to take out of a game.

Wasn’t he all pro ?

What’s interesting to me is I thought maybe jets need to sweeten deal. 10th pick plus ?

I don’t ever really understand how nfl player trades work. Often value seems less or more than I would’ve guessed.

He’s kinda in the gadget player category and he’d be the best gadget player in the league. But to pay a top 10 pick for a specialist is crazy to me.

Especially when his production has been streaky.

You make that deal all day long.

Superstar vs Drake London or Garret Wilson and a net say 17 million cap space?

Miami just loaded up, Bills are SB short list and BB is still kickin. You have a 2nd yr franchise QB whose big weapon, Corey Davis, crapped out.

Wanna suck for 3 more years and get waxed in division 6 times? Draft and pray at WR in that environment.

I tend to agree. Especially if he pushes back against running the ball as much.