Rumor is that Den is trying to trade for Bridgewater

With QB’s going 1-3 and maybe 1-4.

Carolina chose to trade for Darnold and now rumor is that DEN is trying to trade for Bridgewater.

This has me thinking… why?

Does CAR and DEN view Darnold and Bridgewater as better options than Mac, Lance and Fields?

Who else finds this interesting?..

Why not wait until draft day to make these trades?

Just seems odd to me … why not wait and see who falls to them first.

New Denver GM was with the Vikings as Assistant GM when they originally drafted Teddy Bridgewater. As I mentioned before, Paton seems like a pretty conservative guy. Denver dropped out of the Stafford bidding pretty quickly. Maybe, it’s just that they would roll with Bridgewater and Lock for 2021, then look to 2022 for a long-term answer.

In the last 10 years NDSU has lost maybe one game total; OSU and Alabama have lost at most 2 games a year. Basically every game they play they are the more talented team. Next year they are all going to have new QBs and they are all going to have similar records. In two years when everyone is calling Mac, Lance and Fields NFL busts they are going to suggest they draft the next Alabama, NDSU, or OSU quarterback.

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I’m sure you realize you started your post with “QBs going 1-3 and maybe 1-4.” So I’m not sure how you got to the 2nd part when you started the 1st part like that.

That being said, if its literally your job to improve the QB position it would be malpractice to use hope and prayer as a personnel strategy. I think people sometimes forget this. If we as fans sit back and do nothing and it goes bad, its no biggie. We just go do some yardwork or shop with the old lady instead of watching football towards the end of a craptacular season. But as a personnel guy if you gamble and end up with a craptacular season because you used hope and prayer as a strategy to upgrade the QB position…you could get fired and you might not get another job in that capacity. And even if you do you are uprooting your family and moving across the country somewhere.

Getting that part out of the way, I think people ALSO seem to look at the league as only having 2 or 3 teams when something like this goes down. “Why not wait until draft day to trade for Darnold?” Well, anyone who was using that as a strategy clearly lost. So if you are a team like Carolina, you make the move now so you don’t end up like the other teams who thought that was a viable option for them.

Third, there is nothing precluding them from drafting one of the other guys if they “fall” unexpectedly. Now you have a QB in place and a future QB waiting in the wings. If things go sideways in that scenario, you stand a much better chance of stating your case to keep your job at the end of the year than the hope and prayer strategy.


The Bridge on the River Why


I read this as ‘The Den is trying to trade for Bridgewater’.




Carolina and now Denver looking at trading for QBs. Maybe Lance is just that far down on everyone’s boards, but that would mean that at least 4 QBs are going before them. You know who is before them???

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Sorry we have enough posters. Although there may be some posters over the years I’d deal for him.

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I also read it as the den… so for that case what users are we sending to Carolina? And is Bridgewater a good poster?

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That’s an interesting point and way of looking at it guess.

Point being at least one QB makes it to CAR possibly two. Car chose not to see who falls to them by trading for Darnold.

That means it’s now likely 1-2 QB’s fall to Denver and they are trying to trade for Bridgewater. It appears they too choose to bit wait and see who falls to them.

Regardless on which QB or QB’s you think might make it to them - These teams appear to like Darnold and Bridgewater as better options.

I find that interesting … obviously appearances could be smoke and mirrors but I don’t think it is.

Your missing my final point I think. Everyone says that CAR was negotiating against themselves to get Darnold. That no one else was willing to give up what they gave up. Why not wait until draft day before making that trade? By doing it now I think it says that they’re not interested in who they think falls to them. Or maybe they think all 5 QB’s don’t make it to them. Either way it’s an interesting development.

No but why not just wait and see first? … why not negotiate for a draft day trade based on who falls to them. The market for Darnold and Bridgewater can’t be all that high.

I dont know I find it odd behavior.

They were asking for @Weaselpuppy @wesleysh21 and some magic beans but Nate wasn’t giving up any of his magic beans. That’s just too steep a price to pay.

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The den doesn’t need a bridge

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If Denver was waiting to see what happens in the draft, they lost that option for Darnold because Carolina pulled the trigger. That holds true for everybody else who may have wanted Darnold but wanted to wait. A team pulls the trigger now so they don’t have that happen to them. As a fan you might be okay going into the next season with Kellen Mond or whoever else. You might see it differently if it was your job on the line.

49ers “we didn’t want to be left out in the cold. We wanted to have more control our own destiny.”

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In a crazy coincidence one of my clients just called me this afternoon telling me I have to replace a pedestrian bridge at the manufacturing plant. It’s about to fall apart.


This is a signal that these teams do not want to move up and they want a better option now. That is what it says to me. They are worried about striking out in the draft.

The Panthers added a guy with possible upside for not much and now if a QB they like falls to them they are in a position of power.

If Teddy goes to the Broncos and a QB falls they are just like the Panthers. They have unknown commodities at QB, they didn’t want to risk doing nothing so they made it maybe are making moves now. Seems smart to me.

It’s all water under the bridge now isn’t it?

Recalling the first set of verses, I thought of you and your bridge you are there to fix!! :crazy_face: