Rumors flying that Holmes is looking to trade for another WR

I’ve got to be honest, I really feel like Holmes is completely botching this position. It’s like he has no clue how to evaluate a wide receiver.

Greggy you were beating this drum and rightfully so.

As much as I don’t think Goff is the answer how do you even know given who he has to play with?


Without Williams and Cephus, the only 2 WR’s with decent size, the cupboard is extremely bare. St. Brown might actually be a decent slot in the future, but he’s not a #1 or #2 type of WR. We got a bunch of tiny dudes playing WR, that doesn’t work in the nfl.

Take a look at the size of our current WR’s from yesterday.

Kennedy, St. Brown, Raymond - These dudes are all like 5’8. Trinity aint much bigger.

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I wonder if we’d make a move for Michael Thomas…given some of our staff’s familiarity with him?


He’s expensive of course. He wouldn’t have to worry about targets, we’d throw him the ball 15 times a game. And that would sure help Hock get open more. Hock is getting doubled a lot because no on respects our WR’s.


I think your totally wrong they want to find future position players an they have . They could have spent big money an over paid to have WR you think would work but answer this for what couple years thats not going to bring you a top winning team .

Sure will get you few wins an then you can complain we could have been higher in draft had we lost more. Same poster if this season we win just say 4 games near end of season they will complain.

We could have gotten higher pick yad yad yad I will guarantee this will happen .

He has done well i think when i see the positions that are being filled with UDFA an some one year signings. Plus draft looks like he has found some solid young players.

I don’t recall you bad mouthing Quinn or MP maybe you did.

Most here hoped for 4 wins can still happen but could be worse does it really matter? I want some wins to go with the close losses so attitude is good starting next season.

I hope Holmes does as well in the next draft an really he has gotten rid of the deadwood this year an will have the cap to sign few young players to improve the team.

Can the Saints make that work cap wise?

I’ve heard the name Andy Isabella thrown around…

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they’d also know if he’s a prima donna and don’t want to add a cancer to this house. imagine he’d not be cool w/ losing.

Not sure if serious

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Taking a look around the league, maybe Odell Beckham gets dealt. His contract is one of the most tradable out of any star. Its almost all salary.

Adding a head case would only make it worse

Honestly, these prima donnas also typically have a burning desire to win. They might be crazy but the locker room might need that now.

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Isn’t he another undersized slot WR?

Already overpaid for Benson, wonder what they give up this time.

I hear that Calvin Johnson guy is pretty big. And comes with my favorite price tag - free (in terms of assets, he wants his money of course)

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Here is Calvin getting ready for his return to the NFL!

chris tucker dope GIF


Michael Gallup’s probably at his cheapest right now, and the Cowboys clearly don’t need him. Might only be a one year rental but if he proves good enough to get paid by someone else for his play this season, that means he’ll have played well for us. And we’d get a comp pick that might be better than the pick we gave up.


In all seriousness, if they give up beans just to try and screw over our draft, that would be pretty Lions like.

Yeah, I was looking at it the other day. I saw a debate on twitter about him. He was one of my very favorite players in his prime. Peak Beckham was so good, but he’s never really looked the same because of injury after injury. It’d be quite a gamble I think.

Agreed, got Beckham in fantasy, he’s either out or questionable every week. And then leaves every game to go to the tent or locker room before coming back later in the game. Same thing every week, lol - I don’t see his career lasting too much longer the way it’s trending.

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