Russel Wilson giving our 3 first rd?

Asking price for Wilson is 3 first rounders like Watson . We have 1 st rd this year , next 2 years first rounds from rams . Let’s give all that and Goff , let’s get Wilson

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Lol - put the drink down and slowly walk away


Uh, no. Wilson is going to turn 33 during the season and the Lions aren’t in any position to immediately contend with, what is arguably, the worst defense in the league. Absent the drafting and development of homegrown defensive players (eg Avril, Levy, Slay), this team is going nowhere fast.


I think its a great idea because it will greatly increase our chances of getting the 1st overall pick in 2024. People just need to take the long view on it. Quit looking for the quick fix.


LOL - Niiiice

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Trade the 2 Rams 1st’s and a 3rd, plus Goff for Wilson. Then essentially you have traded Stafford for Wilson. haha I’m only kidding of course, but it reminds me how much we fleeced the Rams!


you are a genius. Anything with Goff is a blockbuster , i am suggesting the next big one


Gm of the year

What’s wrong with Goff?

Goff and 3 first round picks or Russell Wilson?!?!

I do like Russell Wilson, even over Goff or Stafford but that’s a heavy price to pay from a team that’s trying to rebuild.


Absolutely nothing.

So if Wilson leaves, is he going to get to take his Adderall prescription with him or will he have to get a new one?

Wilson has a no trade clause.

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oh no to chicago, he is a monster.I call him mini tom brady,both love the game so much

Adderrall is so overly prescribed, I see so many young kids at my work flying around like idiots because they were prescribed Adderrall when they don’t need it. It’s basically legal Meth.


I don’t know much about meth. I do know that I had some conversations with a few people who have tried all types of stuff and they call it government regulated cocaine.


No doubt. Almost lost my life to a raging addiction to old Johnny Cash’s drug of choice- pharmaceutical grade amphetamine. Barely made it, lost 50 lbs. 19 years sober now. Can’t believe they give it out like pez to little kids. But I ain’t no doc.
Just grateful.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program!


Yeah, my niece-in-law was addicted, was prescribed and then buying more from friends or whoever (some kids get prescribed just to sell Addy’s). She was skin-n-bones, we actually didn’t know if she’d ever survive, thankfully she overcame it as well…but Addy is highly addictive, especially for young ladies who are trying to lose weight.
It’s sad that you can go to any doctor, say I’m having a hard time focusing, and they’ll prescribe them like candy. I’m hoping that someday they’ll get some control of them or outlaw them.


A suggestion that didn’t age well (and shouldn’t have been made in the first place).

Analysis: Russell Wilson trade looks like Herschel Walker's.

[I know, it’s a technical violation of the 8 month rule, but then again, it’s espnbaby we’re talking about]