Sadist Fandom, how to appreciate the rest of the season

You’ve just been given incontrovertible evidence the world is going to end in 48 days, do you…

A. Spend every penny and moment on a harebrained scheme to defy the odds, logic, and rationale to find a way to survive.

B. Enjoy your time with friends and family.

C. Try to figure out the best spot to view the main event, and try to get front row seats.

If you answered C, you can be a sadist fan, and enjoy the last six weeks of Lions football for what they are, a race to the bottom.

Unlike the 2008 team, which was a group of moribund losers without personality, the 2021 edition of current winless Lions has a much greater Lovable Losers appeal. It’s not that they’re unable to put a winnable game on the table, but more like wondering how they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot, trip over their own feet, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory kinda vibe they have going on this time.

As we inch closer to the end, the historic achievements of this team grow tantalizingly closer. Will Campbell break Marty Mornhinweg’s rookie head coach winless streak at 12 games? Will the Lions be the first winless team of the new 17 game era? Will Campbell be the first to go winless with the same team as a player and head coach? Will the coaches continue to look like they belong on the staff of an intramural community College squad?

Some people are consumed by the anger. If that’s how you want to spend your time, so be it. Some people have mailed it in, that’s okay :+1:. However, if you too are a Type C, pull up a chair next to me, because the view is AWESOME.


Totally B, with a side of watching the rams and stafford. Really makes the season go by. I watch the games, hell, I was in the stands for the browns game sitting in 33 degree weather with winds and rain but can’t let this team get to ya and just hope for better in the coming years.