Saints positioning themselves to draft a QB - Could trade up

The Saints traded with the Eagles and many think their positioning themselves to trade up and get a QB.

Could they be moving up all the way to 2OA?

Here’s the trade details.

The only realistic reason to make a trade like this is so they have the ammo to move up.

Who are they targeting?

I think it’s Willis and I think they have to get inside the top 5 to even have a shot at him. So why not all the way to 2OA?

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So we draft him no matter what, then offer them a trade for a king’s ransom to get him?
Just keep him!


Does Willis fit the NO offense? Not saying he doesn’t, just seems like they’d be looking for another pure pocket passer.

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They did try taysom hill


Great point.

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Why can’t it be eagles to get one of top two edge rushers or top two OTs?
They have a lot more ammo than Saints


I thought it would be funny if they made that trade with the saints than proceeded to outbid them to move up to 2.

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I just hope we trade down in general. Don’t care where to or for what. Just hope we net a pick in the 1st 3 rounds this year. I also would love a 2023 1st.

Edit: Oh shit that’s Karlaftis territory. Yeah I changed my mind. Not a fan of the Saints potential offer.

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And Jamies Winston

They have been trying to get a more mobile QB for the last few seasons.

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That’s a lot of folks territory. Possibly Dean, Lloyd, J Williams to name a few. In front of several teams that will probably be looking WR.

To get up to #2, there’s a PREMIUM usually paid to get THAT high…NO needs to sweeten the potential fantasy deal, IMO…Personally, forgetting about exchanging the #2 and dropping all the way down to #16, is a bit too much for me to swallow. Lions need Playmakers, and odds are against you, if you expect to find a true Playmaker at #16 or lower…IMO.

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Depends on the position but i definitely believe a playmaker could be found at wr quite easily at 16, edge rusher may be harder projections but should have plenty of options. Not saying i want to venture that far down but with enough compensation i would definitely do so. Thinking a similar comp as stafford where we get some future firsts, the mid tier, and probably a 3rd.

The Eagles now have LESS picks in 2022 than did before… so that move doesn’t signal that they are looking to trade up this year.

On the other hand… the Eagles stocking up on future picks would indicate they want to be well positioned if Jalen Hurts doesn’t take a big step forward this year.


I feel like that’s almost a guarantee.


If the Saints really wanted to move into the top 3 for a QB why not just offer the Lions what they gave Philly minus some of what Philly gave back to balance the deal. I’d have to think they wouldn’t have been far off from what the Lions would take at this point. They’d at least have Brad strongly considering it.


After a little consideration… I have also come to the conclusion that this move was made by the Saints to “position” themselves for a QB.

However… that QB is not in this draft… or any draft.

I think the Saints have made this move to draft a OLT (Cross is my guess)…. and a WR.

I think they will do everything they can to build up an offense that may lure Aaron Rodgers to NOLA next year.

Brady will certainly… or … likely… or… possibly… retire after 2022… leaving the MFC South as a wide open division begging to be won.

Rodgers won’t be picking an AFC team… barring a crazy turn of events. He isn’t dumb… and Tennessee might have the “least crappy” opportunity to make a run.

I can’t see him wanting any NFC LEAST team since the league drools over Dallas and the rest are kind of blah-meets-fuckery.

I would guess he has no interest in a Favre-style revenge tour in the North… and the NFC West offers the Seagulls…, who don’t really move the needle for a QB these days. Barring an epic Trey Lance failure or dismemberment… the 49ers are off the board. But… the Niners might still be the #2 favorite if I were setting the odds.

That leaves the NFC South.

All of it.

Every team in that division could be looking to join the Rodgers Sweepstakes next year…. even Tampa!!!

So… there it is…. the Saints have officially joined the chase for Aaron Rodgers in 2023. I am certain of it. Until I’m not.

Nobody is trading to 2. They’re trading to the top or they’re content to take one of the second or third choices.

Four or five rushers available and three tackles. Nobody has to trade that high to get one. Not that they’d give up that much capital for anyone but a qb anyway.

The entire premise makes ZERO sense. New Orleans has LESS draft capital today than they did yesterday (they gave up far more than they received).

New Orleans wants to fill 2 positions in this draft and was likely having a hard time deciding which one.

Philly would have had 3 first round contract expiring at the same time. New Orleans could just flop and the pick they got would be a top 10. Even if New Orleans makes the playoffs, which the 2024 2nd rounder it makes it an even trade at worst for Philly.

Has anybody ever made a trade like this, so far from the draft, just to add a pick in the middle of the first round? If you want a guy in that spot you make this trade when that pick is on the clock and you know for sure your guy is there to be picked.

Saints are definitely looking to trade up again for a QB. The annoying this is, if they’re going to trade up to 2OA they might as well trade up to 1OA, because I think the Jags will definitely be open to trading down too and the extra cost to get 1OA will be worth it to ensure another team (Seattle?) doesn’t make that move.

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While I agree that the Saints might be looking for a QB, IMO they just put themselves into position to take one with this move. I still do not believe that any QB is going in the top 10 and that the most likely spot for QBs to start getting picked is 15 or beyond. If I am correct the Saints are now in position to get one with out any difficulty.

Though on the other side the Saints really need a LT and I doubt any of the top 3 will be available that later in the 1st. I could see them moving up to grab one of those guys.