Salary Cap 2023

I agree, Cabinda had a couple designed pass plays thrown his way this season in which he dropped. We are better off having a te fill his role.

I’m sure he is a good special teams player though but I bet they will be adding more special teams players through the draft.

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Or Brayden Willis who’s also a TE/FB hybrid type

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Same kind of deal, upgrade the position for less money.

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And vastly expand what you can do at the FB position and potentially save a roster spot.

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That’s the thing, they designed some plays for Cabinda where he could have made huge yards, and didn’t. He also missed a lot of games and we didn’t have anyone to play the position. I have to believe that if we waive Cabinda there is zero chance that we won’t be able to re-sign him to the PS. THEN, if your starter goes down you at least have someone who is familiar with the O that you can promote the next week.

This is why i want to resign everyone that will sign a relatively team friendly deal. The only players i want gone for sure are Brockers and Armani O. Show the players loyalty and hopefully it reciprocates allowing us to keep more of our own. We have 5 top 60 picks that should resonably supply 3 starters. Knowing Brad we should get deeper all the way around with this draft. Add some very select mid range or depth FA’s and continue to build without sacrificing anything from the future. If Brad does his draft guru thing it is far more valuable than splurging in FA.

  1. Released Romeo Okwara
    (Saved: $7,500,000)
  2. Released Michael Brockers
    (Saved: $10,000,000)
  3. Released Halapoulivaati Vaitai
    (Saved: $6,551,805)
  4. Released Charles Harris
    (Saved: $4,011,665)
  5. Released Logan Stenberg
    (Saved: $1,010,000)
  6. Released Quintez Cephus
    (Saved: $1,010,000)
    Now at just over 48 mil

The last 2 mean nothing the bottom contracts in the top 51 will almost be that much.

Brockers obviously, Okwara maybe, the other 2 we can wait until final cuts (cap casualties) and use that money for in season moves if they don’t measure up. If they look good next season, we can keep them and just do some restructuring as necessary.

If It’s up to me, I’m obviously cutting brockers. I also would cut one of Charles Harris/Romeo Okwara. That’s two much money to pay for two rotational guys. I
Am also cutting Cabinda.

Brockers (10m), I’ll go with Harris (4m), Cabinda (2m), Stenberg (1m), and Cephus (1m).

So I’m freeing up 18 million, pushing our available cap space to 33 million with 42 players under contract. Roughly ~14.5 million goes to our rookie pool moving our roster to 50 players. That basically leaves ~18.5 million to bring back our guys. Maybe 1 or two serviceable FAs.

And I am designating Vaitai as a post June 1st cut. Freeing up 9.5 Million for in season moves/roll over. That way I can spend every dime of the available cap knowing this is going to be my move. Resigning Evan Brown and drafting a day 2 guard to replace Vaitai.

Don’t forget Ragnow, his contract can be re-worked to free up another $8M.

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Yup. I wouldn’t be opposed to doing the same with Decker also. There are definitely things that can be done to bring in a starter or two. I really like the idea of grabbing a guard in round 2 or 3. I think paying two Tackles and a Center is enough in terms of cap allocated to the OLine. Really don’t think it’s a good idea to pay 4 offensive lineman 10m+ AAV. And Jonah Jackson’s contract is up after the year.

I just read article about cap based on formula an its possible it could be 220 million this year we will know later once new NFL years starts also same artticle had cap at 240 million in 2024. Now the league an players union will work it out.

But because of covid they held back the money for the cap an they could even this year make it bigger after things have settled down money wise. They also are working on new deal with I think its Thursday night games.

Thats just one link i found We will have better idea when they announced this years 2023 but we know from talks that 2024 will be huge increase also. I found it interesting maybe some knew .

I did read that some teams are talking about a Cap bank system where teams can like get advance on there cap. I think that would be bad an when you look at teams in cap hell some will be there for years. If thy allowed an bank these teams would just push more an more into future an would ruin game IMO

I tend to agree the salary cap was put in place to avoid a competitive imbalance and teams still found ways to navigate through the rules. Allowing mercy would have teams load up then dump and repeat so it would create VERY GOOD teams and VERY WEAK teams and promote “buying a Super Bowl”