Saleh takes second interview with the NYJ - Lions might be out

Usually when a guy takes a second interview with another team it’s serious. I’d think this means he knows he’s not coming to DET.

This doesn’t look good for those of us hoping to land him.

I fear we will hire Campbell and someone like Fontenot to be GM. Their inexperience’s will show just like it did for MP/BQ. We will continue to suck.

Saleh meanwhile turns the NYJ around. Arg the horror!

Yeah, really stinks. Makes me angry. Lions gotta make a move today on Ed Dodds for any chance of us getting a second interview with Saleh.

Some think Dodds might come here to work with Bevell. But I doubt it. He wanted to work with Saleh.

I have a bad feeling we’ve lost them both as options.


I am trying to use the timelines to figure things out though. Campbell interviewed on Monday and right away within 24 hours, suddenly Ed Dodds was a candidate and we requested to interview him. I am really starting to think it is the Campbell/Dodds connection. Dodds did want Campbell in Indianapolis.

We gotta look at the timeframes of when Dodds pulled out of Carolina, when we interviewed Campbell and when we requested to interview Dodds.

It might lead us to the answer that Dodds is going wherever Campbell is going.

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Spielman knows Dan Campbell. Campbell knows the Lions organization so I suspect there’s a level of comfort.
Would i agree with the hire? No! However, I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened

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It wasn’t suddenly. Monday was the earliest we could interview Dodds. We had to wait until IND was eliminated.

I don’t think that’s correct. Dodds interviewed last week with Carolina before pulling out over the weekend.

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Doesn’t Dodds have connections with Bevell as well?

For those of you who want Dodds + Saleh, would you be ok with keeping Bevell if it meant we could land Dodds?

He left NY and on his way to Philly. He’s still in play

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This would be a home run for the Lions, based on who’s available during this hiring phase.

Those three, plus keeping Stafford, is our clearest path to the playoffs.

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Totally Totally agree. Lions are being way too indecisive. We have done our due diligence on interviews. Make a move.

I have a feeling Dodds and Saleh are questioning if the Lions are even that ecstatic to have them at this point. Both will probably decide to pull out because they dont feel that the Lions want them that bad.

Wouldnt surpise me.

We will end up with Louis Riddick and Todd Bowles.


Jets fans are losing their mind on their message board.

I like Saleh and he’s my #1 coach choice but I don’t think he’s worth going nuts over if your team doesn’t land him.



I don’t understand why so many people think that the GM and coach simply must have some historical connection to one another.


That’s a good point Doctor Love!! They don’t necessarily have to be connected, but seems like the Lions are at least heading in that direction so far based on who we have interviewed.

Surprised he left New York without a contract at this point.

I’m sure candidates want to ensure that it will be a good fit for them. Keep all options open. Pick the best fit for you and the family so you have a long career as a HC.

Has anyone discussed the angle of Saleh being Best Man in Matt LaFluer’s wedding? Does he want to be in the same division as his best friend? Competing against him? Maybe that will drive him to be more successful here? They are already our division rival, but adding that to it might just turn it into even a bigger game. Twice a year. Which could help force the Lions to be a better team than the Packers. Who knows?

Curious to know thoughts on that angle.