Sam Martin testing FA

It appears Martin will be testing FA and likely won’t be back in DET.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Martin has been a bit sporadic but he hasn’t been a bad punter.

It appears the Lions are gearing up to save money at the punter position.

How do you feel about it ?

I am fine with this.
The biggest moments were always his worst punts.


I’ll have to unfollow him on IG… Although I’ll miss seeing his gymnast gf on my feed


Yup. And kickoffs.

He’s a great dude. He does a lot in the community but if we can get a cheaper replacement with similar results then you do it.

He might have had a gaff or two, but wow, just seems like a player you want to keep (this coming from a guy willing to walk away from GG and Robinson). Explains their signing two punters to futures contracts last week.

Good for him. Go get paid.


Yep this is a business. most people would go to another job if it was doing the exact same thing for more money.

I had no idea he was dating Nastia Liukin. You learn something new every day.

As for Martin, I could take him or leave him but please don’t tell me that they are going to waste a draft pick on a punter.

Good. Clear a little more cap space and there’s also a good shot we’ll find someone that can meet the same standard that Martin set. Hopefully that player will end up being a straight upgrade.

Who was that punter we had in camp and preseason a year or 2 ago that was pretty damn good cant think of his name.

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Is he still with that skinny blonde girl? I used to be neighbors with them, she was pretty hot, though maybe a little on the skinny side.

Ryan Santoso?

He was a punter and kicker out of Minnesota. I kinda liked him as a kicker, and have been surprised that so many teams playing kicker roulette have never called him up.

He’s dating Nastia Liukin, she’s an American Olympian, most gymnasts are fairly skinny, yes lol

Nope, new girlfriend then. His old GF was hotter.

Yeah but I bet she can’t bend like his new one.

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They’ve signed Matt Wile and Jack Fox to futures contracts and there’s always veterans on the street.

For example, when Martin was hurt, they signed Jeff Locke, who had a better year on both kickoffs and punts than Martin:

Martin was 11th in net punting average in 2019 and 17th in gross punting average.

Besides that, he’s going to be 30 in February. Don’t see anything wrong with going younger and cheaper at the position.

When Martin screwed up, which he didn’t do often but it was always at the most inopportune time. For some reason it seemed that he never pinned any opponent inside the 5 or 10 for that matter. Yes, I think we could do better.

I never understood why you cant have one guy for punts, kickoffs and fieldgoals? I would free up one roster spot. I dont think Martin couldve done them all but i would think the person that could would get a pretty good salary.

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Okay with this. He was injured for a good part of the season… abdominal I think. We should be able to find one cheaper

Martin appeared to regain his form toward the end of the season. His kicks were sky high again like they were 3 years ago. Not much opportunity for a return He was pretty solid on kick offs too! He could boom them into the end zone but he could also kick it high and get it to the goal line, which for some reason it looked like that was the Lion’s strategy a lot of this season. It is about the money, but I can’t see him getting much more than he got here.

I thought Ryan Santoso looked great both preseasons he was here so save 1.5- 2M or something like that. He is huge and did well punting in Minnesota but did not do as well at field goals. He tried out for the Steelers yesterday.