Samaje Perine

I was a big fan of Samaje Perine coming out of college. I also like the way he ran the ball for the Bengals this year when he had opportunity. Seems like a solid do it all back who plays with a high motor. Perine is a free agent in 2023…

His last contact was only 2 years for 3.3 million dollars. I’d be curious of everyone thoughts on bringing him in for the #3/#4 running back role.

I believe he would actually shine behind our offensive line with his running style. Perine only 27 years old and he seems comfortable in the pass game (pass protection and receiving).

What are your thoughts?

I doubt he would be interested in being a #3/4 RB. Probably want’s a Jamal Williams type of role.

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I’m certainly not against it, and about 3rd or4th? that depends highly on who he could beat out in The RB group he ‘could’ rise into a 2nd or 3rd or better it would just depend.

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Yes but only because I like to say, Perine.

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But why would he go to a team to be the #4? He was the 2nd leading rusher on the Bengals. If we were to sign him, it’s because we didn’t sign Williams.


He’ll get a number two role on about 20-25 other teams and I’m not willing to shell out that type of dough it’ll take to bring him in to be the third running back. Especially since he holds zero special teams ability unlike Jackson who is perfect for that role.

My running back room consists of…

All around back= draft pick
Short yardage= Williams 2 more years 6 million
Third down back= swift
4th back kick returner= Jackson

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I like Perine but the problem is his position. There is simply too much talent available for me to want to “settle” for a guy like that.

Good point.

have no idea, my thought was IF we got him…MAYBE he could do better than 3rd or 4th on our RB unit. I then said that just depends…

The only FA RB I’m signing is Jamal Williams. If not him then we have to draft a RB.


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