San Fran out for Hard Knocks....gotta be Da Raidahs, right?

They cant seriously want us over Chucky, Mayock, Diva Brown and Derek Carr, right?

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The media likes train wrecks…

The Lions aren’t a train wreck, just boring for the last 60 years.

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So, your saying is that the Lions are the Bob Newharts of the NFL.


There were rumors a while back that the pick was already made; and it was Detroit.

Take that FWIW.

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I think the league will wait until the Raiders move to Vegas, TBH.

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I was referring to the Raiders. Agreeing with you.

I understand that logic. But here’s the rub…who says the Raiders will be eligible? If they make the playoffs, they don’t have to accept. If they pass up the Raiders for us…I’m definitely going to say the fix is in and the Raiders must have already done a back door agreement to be on next years show to avoid being on this years show.

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Good point. That team is a difficult one to gauge; at least for me. I can totally see 6-10, and I can also see 10 wins. :man_shrugging: