Sandman rules, as usual


Man I’ve missed these — thx for posting, awesome.


Rewatching these made me remember how much walker needs to hit that damn juggz machine haha


Watching Dan Skipper man-handle his guy 30 yards down the field on Swift’s first run… well, let’s just say I need to find a bathroom, quick.


Good stuff

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Our receivers give 100% on every play. Run, pass, whatever. Even when they aren’t getting the ball, they are blocking

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I only approve of Justice era or earlier Metallica, but otherwise solid work as usual.
Actually Death Magnetic was a-yight. Not quite there, but worthy effort.
The Metallica in this video though, wow, trash bin for me.

I thought the black album was a solid B- when it first came out and was shocked when it went mainstream. A far cry from their kill em all → Justice run but decent enough. It’s the popularity that kind of killed it.

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The Black Album was a unique moment for me. I had seen the “Enter Sandman” video on MTV and wasn’t a huge fan of the song but as a massive Metallica fan up to that point, I went out and bought the album the first day it was available anyway. It was quite the experience. I debated whether I wanted to try and return it or not. I ended up keeping it. A few of the songs are ok, “Don’t Tread on Me” used to be my favorite but I grew tired of if, probably “My Friend of Misery” had the longest staying power.

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I really think going mainstream killed it, any song will get old if it’s played enough and those got played to death. Don’t Tread on Me was and is still my fave, but I liked Enter Sandman enough too at first. Since then though the Metallica songs I’ve liked have been few and far between. Thought it was pretty great to see Master of Puppets on Stranger Things, Pastor of Muppets had been my fantasy team name for almost 25 years.

My Friend of Misery (IMO) was the song most like the Metallica I grew to admire. Not concerned with cookie cutter 5 minute rock song with 30 second generic solo. It has a slow part, where Kirk plays with the volume,… Truth is I never really cared for Hetfield’s voice, so him trying to sing is really not pleasant for me. Some of my favorites are the instrumentals like To Live is to Die and the Call of Ktulu.

Old school Metallica lover here. Grew up on master of puppets in 3rd grade. Me and my buddy had our battery powered ghetto blaster in our tree fort rocking puppets everyday. Auto switchback was the shit!! Never ending Metallica loop. Of course we soon adopted lightning and kill ‘em all soon after. Loved justice too. Still gets me pumped anytime I hear any track from any of those albums.

BUT the song choice was $$$$ with the relation to MCDC’s quote from Hard Knocks. Sunday we were the freight train at the end of the Commanders tunnel.


thank you so much for posting these

You’re younger than me for sure. I was an early Metallica adopter (I think), friends got me into Ride the Lightning and my parents got me the vinyl for Christmas, my dad had to look pretty hard for it, they still hadn’t broken in big time where you could just pick them up at any record store. Still remember the look on their faces on that Christmas morning - that what have we done look. LOL. So priceless. My parents were really cool BTW but they weren’t ready for that.

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That was so great to watch I think I need a cigarette.


Very nice. Can’t believe hands to the face wasn’t called on that DLineman for Washington against Hock (5:10 mark). He had his head pushed back pretty far and it was right out in the open.

Yes, Sewel got away with the hold on that one run. I can be subjective.

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It was the “it” that killed it. It just wasn’t very good. Puppets/Garage Days was the last of their great music IMO. Some of Justice was ok, but they were on the way down hill back then. If you confined your Metallica experience to Kill Em’ All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and Garage Days, you’ll miss nothing.

I love the Justice album. That and Ride the Lightning are my favorites. I have Master a step lower, songs like the The Thing Should Not Be aren’t that great.

I thought Justice was great but the surprising success of One kinda ruined them IMO. They’re pretty unabashed about being sellouts and I’m fine with that (their reaction to their gatekeeper fans trying to keep out the Stranger Things bandwagoners was pretty great), but it definitely had an effect on the quality of their music. I never listen to anything post-Black Album though so I’m more or less with you.

Bob Rock ruined them but they really ruined themselves. They changed and not in a good way. I think it was more than selling out, they just got old and lost it. You can tell from Death Magnetic, they tried to prove they could still make a classic Metallica album, and while they created a pretty close facsimile, you can tell that they’re not really those guys anymore.