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Just in case you see this → love you, brother. Always have.


Watching it live, I dixn’t realize how smart of a play that was by Alim to negate the the opposition’s ability to recover the fumble away…he allows his teammate to secure the ball, instead of going for the glory himself and knocking it out of bounds



I agree. They mentioned it on the broadcast but you couldn’t be sure. Man watching that slowlight, you could see he knew where the ball was, knew the guy was behind him and his eyes were clearly on beating the Packer guy so he couldn’t get to it.

Outstanding on-field awareness.


That was definitely a TD for Kalif!
3 ■■■■■■■ TD’s the refs ■■■■■■ us on, and we still won.


The downfield blocking by this team is the best of any lions team during my lifetime.


watching Jackson pull, or Decker getting out on the edge but Sewell just dominating at all levels on runs and fantastic pass blocking. they set a nice pocket. so fun to see it in slowlights,

alias Yupong


Just a thought here.
Hock may have been a good receiver but not the best blocking TE.
I recall a number of holding calls and plays where he didn’t take his man.
Having a solid blocking TE might be in the mode of what the coach wants


Sewell is HOF for a floor. Love him! I think he’s the best warrior energy on the team (behind coach Dan)

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I’ve always been a big fan of blocking. Tight Ends, Fullbacks, Receivers that not only CAN block, but WILL block are priceless. Especially downfield. Fundamental football: blocking, tackling and running the ball. If you have those you can do anything. Well, mostly. How many tight ends have they had that could block, were supposed to be good blockers, but wouldn’t block? They got there and turned all prissy and shit and just wanted to catch the ball. TOO many. Maybe that’s the 1st round pick mentally for tight ends. No more 1st round TE’s, eh?

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Funny I was listening to NFL Network back in 2014 and they were interviewing Ebron about being a top 10 potential pick. They asked him about blocking and his response was “they are not paying me to block”. and something like “hey if they want me too I am sure I can”. ANY GM who heard that knew he was going to give enough effort at blocking. Funny part is we paid him to run routes and get open, someone forgot to tell that dumbass he was supposed to catch the ball too!

Finishing up this season’s slowlights with a little Rufus du Sol… chef’s kiss.

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