Sandman's Slowlights Lions v Bears

Nelson may be our best RT. He owns Mack all game.

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ALL HAIL SANDMAN ! He is the best in the biz and sorely missed here , his slowlights and skill are top shelf !! And this can probably dispell some of the myths Stafford. Hell it might as well BE a Stafford highlight reel and this makes me appreciate Stafford even more.

Sandman is the King of these. extremely good work Bro !


If you ever want to catch sandman’s podcast I’ve shared it once or twice. Here is this Sunday’s show:

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Sandman rocks.

If after watching this and anyone still thinks the Lions should get rid of Stafford, then they must be out of their effing football minds.


But he’s not a leader like Josh Allen… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Outside that one side arm tight window pick this was a masterful Stafford performance. The OL also looked very, very good in pass protection. Get Swift back and maybe we can break some big runs too? Add Golladay back to the mix and this O looks like it should have looked all season.


It was a remarkable game. The video really captures the depth of those throws.

Agreed…there were many great throws in that game, but anyone in the media who commented on them was just sucking up to get our GM job.

One thing that stuck out to me in the slowlights was the blocking of Nelson and Hock…both did a wonderful job and it stood out on tape.

What a story Nelson is … and coming into the game thinking dam! It’s Mack!!


Matt Stafford, King of Garbage Time Wins!

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I would be perfectly fine if the next regime chooses to keep Staff. These types of games can only be done by a handful of humans in the world.
Remember the Packers game earlier in the season?
It would be sooooo Lions if Stafford has a pathetic day, 3 int’s, and the same 3 posters make sure to say “told ya so!”
I like him, but to not agree he’s hot and cold, hit or miss, donkey or elephant… argh Lions.

Quinn missed miserably on Vaitai, but man…

Decker hit, 1st round as you should, but many don’t. Playing at PB level.

Dahl hit, 5th round. Has been hurt, but legit starter.

Ragnow hit, 1st round. Debatably the best Center in the NFL most certainly PB level player.

Jackson, 3rd round. May be the best rookie interior olineman in this past draft. Starting level player as a rookie.

Crosby, 5th round. Swing starter.

Nelson, UDFA Dlineman converted to Tackle and just straight dominated one of the best Rush EDGE players in the NFL.

Plus Glasgow, 3rd round legit starter who just signed an 11M per year deal with Denver.

Quinn had his share of bad moves, dumping a ton of money into Vaitai was one of them as he straight sucks. But the oline he assembled will likely be one that the next staff is 100% satisfied with to build around and it is a substantial piece of the puzzle. Decker/Jackson/Ragnow/Dahl/Nelson looks to be pretty stellar when healthy. Who knows what Stenberg can become as perhaps he surpasses Dahl


So the Lions just put up 5 TDs on a pretty good Bears defense without their best RB and WR… why are people so amped up to view this team as a teardown?

There’s clearly talent needed on defense, but I fail to understand why people seem to think that spending resources on burning down and reconstructing everything would somehow be better.


I think there is a need for more high end talent period. But I agree that we aren’t that far away from a 9/10 win team. Keep KG, add one high level impact defensive FA, nail the draft and head coaching hire and we could see a major one year improvement. That is of course quite a bit that has to go right.

Imho - it’s that crazy idea of doing something to feel like your doing something… but your really not

Like running in place thinking your going somewhere!

My harp has been defense, with the exception of WR concerns if we have none under contract later on.