Say goodbye to Cooter Ball: A Chart

Only 3 passes behind the LOS. A welcome change.


What drove me completely bat shit crazy with Cooter were the 3rd down passes that were 1-2 yards short of the first down.

I know Tate was good for breaking the first tackle, and making YAC, but they did this with everyone. The Lions receivers just couldn’t gain any f’n separation across the first down marker so they threw it short.

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This offense is a 1000000% improvement!


And only going to get better. I am concerned though that there may not be enough balls thrown to Marvin Jones and Kenny Golliday.
I guess this will be predicated by the defense being utilized within the game.

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Good find!

I knew we will be much better long term with Bevell!

It’s esrly but it was worth it imho to deal with JBC to get this guy.

It’s almost like MP knew he did not like any OCs alaliable last yr and just focused on dense his first yr.

I see us being very good barring injuries and a bad lione


Solid find there, pdiddy

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