Say no to Okudah

I firmly believe that if the Lions stay at 3OA that Okudah is the favorite for BQ to draft. Most mocks feel he’s the most complete CB since Jalen Ramsey. However the stats do not support it.

Im not totally against Okudah but I say no to Okudah at 3OA and let me explain why.

Disclaimer these rankings come from PFF. But I do think there’s some validity here.

Single coverage rank:

The Lions put their CB’s on an island more than any other team. So a CB on the Lions defense needs to be good at single coverage. 5 CB’s ranked higher than Okudah is single coverage rankings. Those 5 were in order of rank. 1st Amik Robertson, Trevon Diggs, 3rd Damon Arnette, Jaylon Johnson.

Clean Pocket Throw %

The Lions give the QB more time to throw than any other NFL team. When QB’s aren’t pressured the CB has a much more difficult time defending. Okudah ranked 8th on throws where the QB wasn’t pressured. The 7 ranked ahead of him in order are. 1st Amik Robertson, Trevon Diggs, 3rd Javaris Davis, Kristian Fulton, 5th Jeff Gladney, and Bryce Hall.

3 seconds or less throw rank.

We play a lot of press man coverage. The purpose in this is to take away the quick pass and to knock. WR’s off their routes and out of time with the QB. Okudah didn’t even rank in the top 10 at stopping the quick pass throws. This is an indicator that his press abilities and physicality are reason for concern. The top 5 in this category are. 1st Trevon Diggs, Amik Robertson, 3rd Jaylon Johnson, Kristian Fulton, and 5th Javaris Davis.

Contested Catch rank.

This is also another indication of how physical a CB is. How often did he give up a completion when battling for the ball with the WR. Okudah once again didn’t even rank in the top 10 in this category. The top 6 were. 1st Amik Robertson, Zane Lewis, 3rd Kristian Fulton, Trajan Bandy, 5th Bryce Hall and Jeff Gladney.

Deep Play Completion %
For some reason PFF did this rank over two years. This stat is based off how many big plays a CB gave up on a percentage basis. Okudah once again didn’t even make the top 10 in this category. Which I find odd since I know he didn’t give up a single pass past 35 yards last season. So I dug in deeper and found that this stats is based off passes they went 15 yards and longer. Here are the top 5. 1st Travion Banks, Kristian Fulton, Marcus Strong, 4th Amik Robertson, Cameron Dantzler.

I happen to notice that LA Techs Amik Robertson shows up on a lot of these stats. He was also 2nd in the NCAA in passes defended. (A category Okudah didn’t even make the top 25 in) He’s been my sleeper CB for the Lions. I was hoping somewhere around round 3-4. But after taking a closer look at the stats I wonder if he may go higher than projected.

Interception % per game. Okudah didn’t even make the top 50.

I do believe Okudah brings things to the table that don’t show in stats. Like measurables for instance. However if love to hear the counter argument as to why Okudah deserves to go 3OA.

Do you think Okudah deserves to be the Lions 1st pick or no? Let’s hear your arguments for drafting him or not!


No to Okudah at 3!

Simmons or the best LT prospect for me!


I’m thinking the best OT is best value if Chase is gone.


I wish he was just a tick faster, but Okudah is a pretty clean prospect. I have no problems taking him. But I do prefer a slight trade down.

Just say no to selecting at No. 3 overall.

If all the Lions get is No. 56 overall, that’s enough, but then again, there’s this:

Eric Galko


As of today, I’d be surprised if the #Lions make a selection with the 3rd overall pick. All three QBs (Tua, Herbert, and Love) are genuinely in play for different teams trading up. Strong offers coming to Detroit. May be esp. tempting if they value Henderson similarly to Okudah

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I’ve been taking him third or fourth round for weeks. Shrewd of you to pick up on my mind powers. Now, if only I could channel Bob Quinn. You will also note I have been taking Simmons first in my drafts, if Chase is gone. Haven’t really done the OT thing for 3 OA because the defense is fubarred. I think the major reason they brought in Collins was to transition Simmons using the veteran. Still trying to channel Bob…

I would temper my enthusiasm somewhat because he is a mighty mite at 5’8" tall.

In my opinion, Okudah is this year’s Rashan Gary. Gets over valued by measurables and potential, but will always leave a lot to be desired on the field.


Yup! Couple this w/the idea that Big V also plays guard. We would be able to run behind the Right side of the OL. Barry Sanders will be turning over in his grave. We haven’t had a good OL in my lifetime. From C, RG, and RT we would be able to run block…WHOA!!!

This move would prevent Officer Wiggins from starting

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You can give people money, send them to college, give them credit cards, but them cars, give them half your fortune you made when you die, and they still don’t see your logic in what you tried to explain to them or do for them.

I am not advocating for Okudah, but I do see your point Air. I am wanting a trade down myself for more picks.

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Those kind of stats are more related to team play, matchups and scheme than they are individual play. All the pff stuff is like fantasy football production vs real abilities.

If all that is true and all these stats come from Pro Football Focus (PFF), why is Okudah #1 on their board? This is dated April 12th 2020:

“Quite easily the most complete corner in this class. Okudah simply didn’t get beaten at Ohio State. The longest catch he allowed in his entire career went for only 38 yards; the longest he allowed all last season went for only 28. He didn’t allow more than half of his targets to be completed in any of his three seasons for the Buckeyes. The junior has the type of statistical profile you dream of at the position.”

Color me confused. If all those stats are their stats, why do they rate Okudah #1 still? I am not trying to be a jerk at all…this is a legit question as if their stats tell a different story why is Okudah #1?


But Gary wasn’t even very good in college. Okudah was excellent last year.

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Meh. Was he? Against who exactly? Just like Gary, he looked good against the MAC level competition, but wasn’t dominant in any way, like a guy like Woodson was. Okudah had 3 picks in 35 games. Woodson had 16 in 34. Trying to find Woodsons tackle numbers but I bet they were higher than the 20 per season JO had. Having said that, I never take a CB that high, especially someone who isn’t elite like Okudah.

**Edit. Found it. Woodson had 162 college tackles. Okudah had 64. 100 more tackles in 1 less game. That’s the difference between a nice player and an elite player.

CB tackles isn’t a reliable stat for measuring performance. Usually, it means that the other teams view you as a weakness and either run at you or throw on you.

Anyone who watched Todd Lyght play CB for the Lions in 2002 remembers this. 99 tackles, 18 passes defensed, and one of the worst CBs in the NFL that year.


I guarantee there will be players (corners) drafted in later rounds who will be better than Okudah. I not a fan of the guy at all. If you drafting a player that high, he better be deion sanders and Okudah is not!


I just don’t get it. Jeff Okudah is an elite corner prospect. He was coming out of HS. He went to Ohio State, a power school known for developing corners. He played incredibly well as a leader of one of the best defenses in college football. He played a lot of press man. His technique is as good as anyone to come out of college. He tested plenty well for an #1 corner prospect. He showed up in big matchups. In his biggest game he shut down another pro prospect at WR and even caused what probably should have been the game winning TD. What else does he have to do?


So Amik Robertson at 3 because stats…

Jump 46" I guess because the 41" vert at 6’1 205 wasn’t explosive enough.

Hes just not a play maker. It would be like drafting a good linebacker who only racks up tackles. Or a defense tackle whos good at stopping the run but not much of a pass rusher. I want more from a top 5 pick.


I guarantee you not one soul in college football viewed CW as a weakness. Lol. Or in the 20 years he spent in the pros as a hall of famer.

It means he had a knack for getting to the ball, even when they threw away from him and reading the run when the D-Line leaked, or if his guy caught the ball, he was bringing him down immediately. Not like Okudah.