Say We Clinch #1 Seed by Week 17

And Hooker is sufficiently healed, do they give him some run? Would it be fair if we are most likely resting a lot of the starters? I’d like to see the kid in a little live action.

Personally I would play Goff for at least a half to keep rust from forming.

Not only no but hell no. He’s not our back-up.


I’d be more of a fan of getting him some PT at the end of blow outs.

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No. If you’re going to sit Goff, then you play the guy who will be playing in the playoffs if something happens to Goff and that is not Hender Hooker.


Hooker is a redshirt guy

Pay him no attention this year let him
Rehab and learn


Not while we are prepping for our SB run!

Teddy need it in the situation imho


I’m gonna disagree with this.

If he’s healthy, I’d rather see Hooker get the blowout minutes. We’re not going to improve our chances of winning a Super Bowl in a blowout win, in fact we might hurt them if Teddy gets hurt. And he was brought in specifically because he’s a vet who can step in when called on. Getting him a few snaps at the end of a blowout isn’t gonna help him much. And if it does, we brought in the wrong guy.


I don’t 100% agree, but that is a very well said and fair counter-point.


Probably should worry about winning the division first! I know we got a bigger lead yesterday but one thing at a time.

I really could care less about the number 1 seed and think we would benefit more as the #2 seed. We have zero playoff experience and could have a tough out in the divisional rd if we got the 1st seed. 1 and done with the 1st seed would suck but it happens more then you think especially playing a team with some playoff experiences.

If we at least got a wild card win then build confidence in the playoffs going into the divisional rd. And championship game if we get there.

I would much rather see Bridgewater get time. Hooker should not be in our 2023 plans at all. He’s got 2024 preseason games to show his stuff.

#1 seed = 2 wins at Ford Field = SB

#2 seed = 2 wins at Ford Field and would still require 1 more win, possibly on road.

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The Eagles just keep winning.
Don’t look now, but, we have the second best record in the NFL.
Eagles 9-1
Lions 8-2
Ravens 8-3
The rest 7-3 at best.


Sucks. I think if that game were played in better weather conditions, the Chiefs win. Too much self-destruction and I think the water played a huge part in the final score.

2 turnovers in red zone and dropped game winning TD by MVS

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Last night in Fantasy I had Kelce and Butker and he had Hurtz and D Smith. Long story short I needed around 2 points from Kelce on their final drive and he beat it by a p***y hair - I won 106.76 to 105.8. That brings the Flaming Sphincters to a dominating 9 - 2 record.

The argument could go either way….I mean the Eagles had to play in those conditions too