SB or nothing - finally!


A writer who agrees with MP and me! 1 winner each yr … the SB winner and 31 failures.

Winning the division is nice but nothing but a consolation price if you are being honest…

SB or bust!!


I agree.
Although I think this team is nowhere near that mark, Quinn hired Patricia to take this team to that level. Not once did they mention anything close to a rebuild, so as a fan, I’m gonna hold them to it.
Nothing but a disappointment so far, but we can’t hold our expectations any lower than what their goal is. And if their goal is to “not” start over, then it’s time to show some results.

Big year for those two.

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It’s the only goal! Get there and win it or be labeled a loser like 31 other teams!

I agree with you both . This team has to take a massive step forward just to reach a playoff and Running is spot on, we are not close. It is not like we are just a stellar player or two away. we need to land playmakers with each of our picks so we are not running out each season and putting up 3 to 6 wins. AGAIN.

Win the SB or join Club31.


Club 31 - half century membership only!’

Club 31

Good shit brother!!

This could be a cool shirt or meme!!

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Damn it. I don’t make the cut.:disappointed:

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Who are the butthurt folks who flagged my post for the word “abso fu(k1ng lutely”?

Original: Absovuckinglutely!!!(fixed)

It’s the only goal! Get there and win it or be labeled a loser like 31 other teams

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There is a certain member in here that finds the “F” word very appalling! :joy:

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WTF? Who is the MF? F’nA

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Lol, I don’t recall whom but seen him saying something about it on another post in here a few days back. I’m thinking to myself as I read it, this is a message board not church :roll_eyes:

I try very hard to not swear… personally it means I’m not really thinking about how to speak my thoughts… but

I am human. I do swear here and there.

Wrong or right, using the “F” word when show happy emotions is ok by me. I really don’t like cuss word when someone is be derogatory towards me as again they are really thinking to hard about it all…

But hey F-it!! :crazy_face:

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Did you guys read the article? This really isn’t about Super Bowl or bust, this is a writer urging the Lions to consider drafting Tua with this in mind. My guess is most of you don’t agree with that. lol

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It wasn’t me.:laughing:

Just reread this article and I don’t see what you see brother! :thinking:

They use the idea of drafting Tia to show that it will not work with the opening idea presented that we are not ina win now mode… if we go Tua then it would show MP and BQ gave in and decided to do that … go into win now mode…

But that’s me… my brain is dead!