Schefter: Packers going all in on Aaron Rodgers for next year

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That’s what the Packers plan, but they live in Mr. Rogers neighborhood. So we’ll see. I actually hope they do mortgage their future for 2022–a year when the Lions are still building–so that 2023 and beyond looks like nuclear winter in Green Bay.


This once again shows how dumb of a pick Jordan Love was.


Yeah that was seriously bad.

What money? I mean Adam’s is going to cost a ton.

They can use phunny money with “void” years in the future to create some space.
It won’t be easy as @DeadStroke has shown in previous posts… but having Rodgers agree to come back and re-work his deal is a start.

If they really are serious about going all in for 1 year… they have about 10 guys tjat could be restructured that could create $80 million in space… which does leave them enough to sign Adams and their draft picks.

Of course… there would be a brutal year of drad money in the near future if they did that.

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Unless Erin was totally unwilling to come back, I’m not sure why Green Bay wouldn’t put all effort towards maximizing the present.

There’s an understatement.

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I still don’t see Rodgers re working his contract and wants out bad.

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Yep. That’s exactly what I want too. Because honestly Aaron Rodgers doesn’t scare me as a quarterback anymore. He’s still very good but he doesn’t singlehandedly dominate games anymore. He’s beatable.

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They might as well. Who else is left in the nfc for them to contend with? Tampa bay is out. Same with the Saints. The Cowboys are in cap hell but could be a good team. The rams are a young team but they stand to lose several important players and don’t have a great cap situation. The Seahawks could lose Wilson, the cardinals may have a Murray issue.

All the up and coming or one quarterback away teams are in the afc. With the possible exception of Washington and we philly.

I hope so! Bring Rodgers back, get no draft capital for him and then Lions star Defensive rookie Aidan Hutchinson ends his career on a vicious blindside hit.

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Young? They don’t have a single impact player under 27 next year… those are what those age will be to start next year.

That’s an old core of you ask me.

Whitworth- 40
Stafford- 34
Donald- 31
Woods- 30
Kupp- 29
L Floyd- 30
R Havenstein- 30
Ramsey- 27

Miller and OBJ are 34 and 30 next year but free agents?

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I wasn’t talking about their core. I was talking about their entire roster. Impact or not it’s still a young roster. They will lose a lot of impact talent in the off season though.

And at some point in the late off season this will happen….



As others have mentioned, I could care less if he’s back. The Lions are not making noise in 2022. They may make a push for a wild card spot, or even the division if Rodgers left, but it would take a lot for them to do any more then that.

If Rodgers is back then that means they pushed every last dollar they could into the future. If they keep the core around him and retain guys like Zadarious Smith then they will be in really rough shape. Your talking Saints territory in a year or two.

The Saints are in such bad cap shape that’s it’s going to take at least another two seasons to get out of it. I don’t see them picking out of the top 10 for at least 2-3 seasons.

I’ll take the Packers going on in this year and being in cap he’ll for the next 2-3 all day.

Also, even if they extend Rodgers and add void years to push as much as they can into the future, he still has almost 20mil from previous bonuses they can’t move. On top of that, any deal he signs he’s going to want guaranteed cash up front. Only way to do that is to give him a signing bonus or guaranteed salary. Consider they will want to keep his salary low, it will likely be a signing bonus. Not sure if you can get around not prorating that onto 2022 as well.

Rodgers coming back was always the highest percentage possibility. I think he’d be crazy not too. Rams look great but otherwise the nfc is wide open. If GB is willing to go “all in” and he’s gotten on better terms with the brain trust as he’s recently said - it’s the best play for him.

Either way the Lions aren’t doing Jack next season anyway. So GB going bananas this year then paying for it for several years would actually be kinda sweet.

I just don’t see how they can field any kind of team if they pay thru the a** to keep Rodgers. They are in deep doodoo cap wise. Will take an amazing job of cap manipulation just to keep ARog and Adams and be able to pay 51 other guys

And you know ARog isn’t gonna take one for the team money wise

If they extend Rodgers and push as much of that money into the future they could pick up roughly 20mil in space. They have a few cuttable contracts. They can save almost 30mil by cutting Preston Smith, Cobb, Billy Turner, Mercedes Lewis and Crosby. That puts them close to even with the cap. They they would have to cut/extend Zadarious Smith and then restructure every last dollar they could from other players.

Anyone they sign they are going to have to push as much as they can onto future years. Will likely sign short term free agents but tack on void years to fill whatever holes they have similar to what we did with a guy like Tyrell Williams.

The thing is this isn’t sustainable. They already have done this to a certain extend which is why they are where they are. They may be able to do this for another year, possibly two. Then they could be looking at cap hell for 2-3 seasons after that.

With our luck, they will have the #1 pick they year the next Manning Prodigy is draft eligible.